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Fatty acid kinetics in aerobic myocardium: characteristics of tracer carbon entry and washout and influence of metabolic demand

, : Fatty acid kinetics in aerobic myocardium: characteristics of tracer carbon entry and washout and influence of metabolic demand. Journal of Nuclear Medicine 33(10): 1864-1874

These studies evaluated the kinetics of tracer uptake and washout after step-function labeling with 14C-palmitate. Washout and uptake function curve analysis for total radioactivity (TR) was derived according to the expressions: TR = Fx intg -o- infin C(t) times dt and TR = Fx intg -o- infin (C-ss - C(t)) times dt, respectively, with V-c = TR/C-a, where F = coronary flow; C-ss = steady-state concentration; C(t) = concentration with respect to time; C-a = arterial concentration; and V-c = distribution volumes within the fatty acid pathway. The only radioactive metabolites in venous effluent were fatty acids and 14CO-2. The estimated V-c of fatty acids was small (1.2-1.7 ml/g dry wt or 0.4-0.5 mu-mol/g dry wt) and compatible with labeled substrate trapped in the blood volume. The V-c of 14CO-2 was much larger (11.4-15.8 ml/g dry wt or 3.6-4.2 mu-mol/g dry wt) and correlated with counts contained in the aqueous soluble and fatty acid fractions in tissue. The counts in tissue were distributed between the aqueous soluble fraction (40%), which was rapidly depleted during washout, and a lipid fraction (60%) (triacylglycerols and phospholipids), which was resistant to washout. Distributions in tissue radioactivity between the aqueous soluble and lipid fractions support the notion of a dual pathway in fatty acid oxidation, one arm of which passes through the resident pool of triacylglycerols, which has a long time constant. The presence of this pool may impact an error in estimating fatty acid oxidation by external labeling techniques.


PMID: 1403160

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