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Histamine H3 receptors contribute to drinking elicited by eating in rats

, : Histamine H3 receptors contribute to drinking elicited by eating in rats. Physiology & Behavior 58(6): 1091-1097

A role for endogenous histamine and its H3 receptor subtype for mediating drinking elicited by eating was examined in adult male Sprague-Dawley rats. The i.p. injection of the H3 agonist R-alpha-methylhistamine (Ramh, 2.5 mg/kg) shortened the latency to initiate drinking and increased 1-h water intake in nondeprived rats freely eating pellets and drinking water. The ICV injection (through a surgically implanted chronic cannula) of 10 micrograms Ramh increased water intake; this Ramh-induced drinking was abolished by previous ICV injection of the H3 antagonist thioperamide (Th, 60 micrograms). For rats drinking and eating after 24-h food deprivation, s.c. Th inhibited drinking behavior: for example, 10 mg/kg Th s.c. delayed the latency to initiate drinking and inhibited 1-h water intake without inhibition of food intake. In contrast, 60 micrograms Th ICV failed to inhibit food-related drinking in rats eating after food deprivation. For nondeprived rats eating a small cracker, 10 mg/kg Th s.c. delayed the latency to initiate drinking and abolished water intake without effect of eating, and 60 micrograms Th ICV had similar effects upon drinking elicited by ingestion of cracker. The IG infusion (through a surgically implanted gastric catheter) of 2 ml 600 or 900 mOsm/kg NaCl, a treatment that is subthreshold for increase in systemic plasma osmolality at the initiation of drinking, elicited drinking that was abolished by 10 mg/kg Th s.c. and attenuated by 60 micrograms Th ICV. The IG infusion of 2 ml 1800 mOsm/kg NaCl, a treatment that is above threshold for increase in systemic plasma osmolality, elicited drinking that was attenuated by 10 mg/kg s.c. or 60 micrograms Th ICV. These results demonstrate that peripheral and central H3 receptors for histamine have a role in drinking elicited by eating and the postprandial gastrointestinal osmotic consequences of eating. These findings extend the evidence demonstrating a histaminergic contribution to food-related drinking in rats.


PMID: 8623007

DOI: 10.1016/0031-9384(95)02048-9

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