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Histological evaluation of skin around stoma in patients who used skin barrier for prolonged period

, : Histological evaluation of skin around stoma in patients who used skin barrier for prolonged period. Journal of the Japan Society of Coloproctology 50(6): 423-428

To evaluate the histological changes, biopsies were conducted at the site where a skin barrier had been attached in 27 patients who had used the agents for an extended period. Furthermore, these histological findings were compared to their gross appearance, relief images, and functional changes. In the histological examinations, separation of the horny layer was seen in 26 cases; the thickness of epidermis was greater than the normal section in 19 cases; and the melanin content had increased in 10 cases, remained the same in 10 cases, and was reduced in 7 cases. These findings did not necessarily correspond with the result of the gross appearance. Infiltration by inflammatory cell was noted in 16 cases. Eosinophils were present in 6 cases, among which 4 had used an adhesive-type apparatus. The findings suggested a relationship with an allergic reaction. The major histological changes seen among the patients who used a skin barrier for an extended period were separation of the horny layer, thickness of epidermis, and infiltration by inflammatory cells. No correlations were found among gross appearance, physiological functions, and replica with histological findings.


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