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Immunohistochemical and ultrastructural analysis of the droplet-like secretory material in neurosecretory cells of the preoptic nucleus in pink salmon and bream

, : Immunohistochemical and ultrastructural analysis of the droplet-like secretory material in neurosecretory cells of the preoptic nucleus in pink salmon and bream. Tsitologiya 37(3): 193-201

A droplet-like neurosecretory material (NSM) in peptidergic neurosecretory cells of the preoptic nucleus in pink salmon and bream has been studied by histo- and immunohistochemical and electron microscope methods. Like any widely distributed granular NSM, the droplet-like NSM is Gomori- and PAS-positive, but it is not stained with azocarmine. Unlike the granular form of NSM, the droplet-like NSM is immunonegative under standard immunohistochemical test to vasotocin and mesotocin. But after the treatment of sections with thrypsine and the following reaction with vasotocin antiserum, two types of droplets (vasotocin-immunopositive and vasotocin-immunonegative) were identified. The latter are supposed to be isotocinergic structures. The droplet-like NSM was studied with electron microscope, specific pictures of its degradation in the peripheral zones of cytoplasm and in proximal parts of neurosecretory axons being detected. The droplet-like NSM is supposed to be a functional "immature" precursor of neurohormones (proneurohormone). A scheme of the proposed formation of the droplet-like NSM and of its transport to neurosecretory axons is elaborated.


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