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Immunohistochemical demonstration of nerves and nerve cells in human and porcine ureters

, : Immunohistochemical demonstration of nerves and nerve cells in human and porcine ureters. Annals Of Anatomy. 175(3): 259-262

There are divergent opinions about the origin of ureteral motility. It is either a myogenic or a neutral phenomenon. Furthermore, the existence of nerve cells in the ureter is also a controversial question. In the present study we applied immunohistochemical methods to human and porcine ureters in an attempt to clarify the matter. As neuronal markers we used anti-PGP 9.5 and anti-NSE, and as a glial marker anti-S-100. In the whole mount preparations of pig ureter we observed two neuronal plexuses on both sides of the tunica muscularis. The inner plexus consisted of both nerve bundles and nerve cells, whereas the outer one did not contain any nerve cells. In the human ureter we found a ganglion with nerve cell beneath the tunica muscularis and the tunica adventitia.


PMID: 8338225

DOI: 10.1016/s0940-9602(11)80014-2

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