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Immunohistochemical evidence for coexistence of glycine and GABA in nerve terminals on cat spinal motoneurones: an ultrastructural study

, : Immunohistochemical evidence for coexistence of glycine and GABA in nerve terminals on cat spinal motoneurones: an ultrastructural study. Neuroreport 5(8): 889-892

Previous electrophysiological and pharmacological studies have suggested the involvement of both glycine and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) as transmitters in the reflex pathway mediating recurrent inhibition of cat spinal motoneurones. By use of the postembedding immunogold technique and antibodies against glutaraldehyde-conjugated amino acids it is shown that glycine- and GABA-immunoreactive nerve terminals occur in contact with cell bodies of alpha motoneurone size, as well as in the surrounding neuropil in the motor nuclei of the cat spinal cord. A substantial proportion of these terminals harbours both glycine- and GABA-LI. The enrichment of immunolabelling over synaptic vesicles in such terminals strongly suggests that both of these amino acids are used as transmitter substances.


PMID: 8061289

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