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Information-processing mediating the location-distance interference in motor short-term memory

, : Information-processing mediating the location-distance interference in motor short-term memory. Annals of Physiological Anthropology 12(5): 269-283

We reviewed the literature on basic psychological correlates of the well-known phenomenon of the location-distance interference in motor short-term memory (Kerr, 1978; Walsh, Russell, Imanaka, & James, 1979). The location-distance interference in motor short-term memory has frequently been demonstrated as an unavoidable interference phenomenon observed in the reproduction of movement location and distance in arm positioning. The most important aspect of this phenomenon is that even when a subject concentrates on a specific cue (i.e., either end-location or distance) the other cue is also coded unintentionally and, as a result, the reproduction movement guided on the basis of the specific cue is unavoidably influenced by the other nonspecific cue. In this review article, we first reviewed the literature on the basic theories and nature of short-term memory, particularly on the limited processing capacity. We then referred to the unlimited, automatic processing in visual-verbal domains, referring to the Stroop phenomenon. Finally, in conjunction with the notion of automatic processing, we examined the possible aspects of information processing which may be responsible for mediating the location-distance interference in motor short-term memory.


PMID: 8267818

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