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Laminins 2 and 4 are expressed by human decidual cells

, : Laminins 2 and 4 are expressed by human decidual cells. Laboratory Investigation; A Journal of Technical Methods and Pathology 74(1): 21-32

During pregnancy, the resident stromal cells of the endometrium differentiate to become decidual cells and produce a pericellular basement membrane. We used immunofluorescence and Western blotting with a panel of monoclonal Ab specific for various laminin subunits to examine the composition of decidual laminin. The stromal cell basement membrane contained subunits alpha-2 (M), beta-1 (beta-1), beta-2 (S), and gamma-1 (B2). Low levels of alpha-1 could also be detected. The glandular and vascular basement membranes of decidual tissue contained subunits alpha-1 (A), beta-1, and gamma-1. An extract was produced from decidual extracellular matrix. Western blots of nonreducing gels showed the presence of high molecular weight complexes containing alpha-2, beta-1, beta-2, and gamma-1. These data indicated that laminins 2 and 4 are coexpressed by decidual cells. Laminin 1 was present in the extract as a minor component. In contrast, cultured stromal cells expressed laminin 1 as the major secreted variant. Immunolocalization was carried out using tissue from various stages of the nonpregnant cycle. The alpha-2 chain polypeptide was absent in the proliferative phase of the cycle but present in late secretory phase in perivascular areas where predecidual differentiation occurs. Reverse transcriptase-PCR experiments confirmed the presence of alpha-2 chain mRNA in decidua but showed that this transcript is detectable throughout the the nonpregnant cycle. The results showed that laminins 2 and 4 are hormonally regulated products of decidual cells. The composition of the vascular and epithelial basement membranes remained constant throughout the cycle.


PMID: 8569185

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