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Ophiuroid-type steroids in starfish of the genus Pteraster

, : Ophiuroid-type steroids in starfish of the genus Pteraster. Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology B. 114(1): 49-52

Composition of steroid sulfates from starfish Pteraster tessellatus and Pteraster sp. is reported. 2,21-Disulfate of cholest-5-ene-2-beta,3-a,21 triol 1) and 3,21-disulfates of cholest-5-ene-2-beta,3-alpha,21-triol 2) and cholest-5-ene-3-alpha,4-beta,21-triol 3) were found in both species. These steroids are characteristic secondary metabolites of ophiuroids and have not been isolated previously from Asteroidea (starfish) or other taxa. Phylogenetic relationships between classes Asteroidea and Ophiuroids are discussed.


DOI: 10.1016/0305-0491(95)02121-3

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