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Relationships between oxygen consumption and heart rate in transitory and steady states of exercise and during recovery: Influence of type of exercise

, : Relationships between oxygen consumption and heart rate in transitory and steady states of exercise and during recovery: Influence of type of exercise. European Journal of Applied Physiology & Occupational Physiology 75(2): 170-176

Relationships between percentage of maximal oxygen consumption (% ovrhdot VO-2max) and percentage of maximal heart rate reserve (% f-cr) were compared during steady states of exercise (S), transitory states of exercise (T) and a 5-min recovery period (R). Male adults (mean age 27 (SD 10) years) were studied exercising on a treadmill (TR, n = 26), cycle ergometer (CE, n = 14) and arm traction bench (ATB, n = 14). The exercise intensity was adjusted according to the subjects in order to reach exhaustion in 4-5 steps of 2 min (ATB) or 3 min (TR, CE). The 1st min of each stage was considered as T and the last minute of each stage as S. The oxygen consumption (VO-2) and heart rate (f-c) were recorded simultaneously. Significant correlations were observed for each type of exercise and for each state between %f-cr and % ovrhdot VO-2max (r range 0.87-1.00). During T and R, the % ovrhdot VO-2max versus %f-cr relationships were laterally shifted, suggesting a resetting of f-c control mechanisms. In S, the intercept was greater than in T and R; in T, the slope was greater than in S and R. The ovrhdot VO-2 could be predicted from individual versus relationships during T and R as is usually done in S using specific equations. Taking into consideration the average relationships established on the three ergometers. the standard error of the predicted ovrhdot VO-2 during S and T reached 10%-20% and 22%-38% in R. During exercise, the higher the intensity the better was the prediction of ovrhdot VO-2 from f-c (r range 0.46-0.60. P lt 0.001). Therefore except at high exercise intensities, it was found that individual relationships had to be used to obtain an accurate estimation of ovrhdot VO-2.


PMID: 9118984

DOI: 10.1007/s004210050143

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