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Role of endothelial cells in regulating hemoglobin-induced changes in lymphatic pumping

, : Role of endothelial cells in regulating hemoglobin-induced changes in lymphatic pumping. American Journal of Physiology 263(6 Pt 2): H1880-7

Studies with a sheep isolated duct preparation in vivo demonstrated that the route of administration of hemoglobin was important in demonstrating its inhibitory effect on lymphatic pumping. With autologous oxyhemoglobin administered intravenously (final plasma concentration 5 x 10(-5) M), pumping was not inhibited. However, the addition of oxyhemoglobin (5 x 10(-5) M) into the reservoir (lumen of the duct) resulted in > 95% inhibition of pumping. The extraluminal administration of oxyhemoglobin (10(-5) M) to bovine mesenteric lymphatics in vitro resulted in a 40% inhibition of pumping, whereas the introduction of oxyhemoglobin (10(-5) M) into the lumen of the vessels suppressed pumping 95%. In vessels mechanically denuded of endothelium, intraluminal oxyhemoglobin inhibited pumping 50%. These results suggested that oxyhemoglobin depressed pumping through an effect on both smooth muscle and endothelium. Once pumping was inhibited with oxyhemoglobin administration, stimulation of the duct with elevations in transmural pressure restored pumping activity when endothelial cells were present. However, in the absence of endothelium, pumping decreased with increases in distending pressures. We conclude that oxyhemoglobin has a direct inhibitory effect on lymphatic smooth muscle. The ability of oxyhemoglobin to alter the pressure range over which the lymph pump operates appears to be dependent on an intact endothelium.


PMID: 1481912

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