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Seizure-induced damage to the hippocampus is prevented by modulation of the GABAergic system

, : Seizure-induced damage to the hippocampus is prevented by modulation of the GABAergic system. Neuroreport 7(12): 2031-2035

A variety of cerebral insults induce neuronal damage to the hippocampal formation. The somatostatin-immunoreactive (SOM-ir) neurones in the dentate hilus are particularly vulnerable. In the present study, we demonstrated that augmentation of hippocampal GABAergic inhibition by chronic infusion of gamma-vinyl GABA prevented the delayed seizure-induced damage to hilar SOM-ir neurones. Selective lesions of the cholinergic, serotonergic or noradrenergic pathways to the hippocampus did not attenuate the seizure-induced loss of SOM-ir neurones; rather, the damage was exacerbated by the cholinergic lesion. It is, therefore, the intrahippocampal GABAergic circuitries, rather than the selective subcortical pathways, that are critical for neuroprotection after seizures. Enhanced GABAergic inhibition in the hippocampus prevented damage to hilar SOM-ir neurones, even when started 2 days after status epilepticus. GABAergic agents may thus provide an alternative treatment for delayed neuronal damage caused by cerebral insults.


PMID: 8905719

DOI: 10.1097/00001756-199608120-00036

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