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Significance of isolated vasculitis of the vasa vasorum on temporal artery biopsy

, : Significance of isolated vasculitis of the vasa vasorum on temporal artery biopsy. Journal of Rheumatology 21(2): 258-260

Objective: To assess the significance of an isolated vasculitis of vasa vasorum on temporal artery biopsy. Methods: A diagnostic procedure was performed with 28 patients presenting clinical and biological inflammatory process and an isolated vasculitis of vasa vasorum on temporal artery biopsies. Results: Panarteritis nodosa was diagnosed in 5 cases: polymyalgia rheumatica was evidenced in 4 cases; temporal arteritis was strongly suspected in 2 cases; various types of underlying disease were found in 12 patients; a noncharacterized systemic disease was found in 5 cases. Conclusion: Isolated vasculitis of vasa vasorum on temporal artery is a meaningful lesion frequently indicating a systemic vasculitic disorder.


PMID: 7910215

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