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Stimulation of RTH1 nuclease of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae by replication protein A

, : Stimulation of RTH1 nuclease of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae by replication protein A. Biochemistry 36(20): 5955-5962

The RTH1 nuclease is involved in the replication of chromosomal DNA as well as in the repair of DNA damage. Replication protein A (RPA) is also an integral part of the DNA replication and repair processes. We have investigated the roles(s) of RPA in the function of RTH1 nuclease, including its structure specific endonuclease activity. Initial in vitro studies, which employed a "flap" or a "pseudo Y" substrate containing a short 14 bp duplex region, showed the effect of RPA to be minimal or inhibitory. As RPA inhibition is unwarranted for a protein participating in the DNA replication process, we have further investigated the mechanism of such inhibition. Alternate flap and pseudo Y substrates with a long duplex region (50 bp) were prepared using M13mp19 ssDNA and synthetic oligonucleotides. Yeast RPA stimulated the endonuclease activity of RTH1 endonuclease with these substrates in a dose-dependent manner. Kinetic analysis suggested that yRPA exerted a bipartite effect on the nuclease reaction: (i) the "load time" of RTH1 nuclease onto the DNA substrate decreased from approximately 5 to 2 min in the presence of RPA, and (ii) following initiation of the nuclease reaction, the initial rate of the reaction increased 10-fold in the presence of yRPA. Further analysis of the interaction of RPA with various endonuclease substrates indicated that RPA has a weak helix destabilizing effect and could melt small, 14 bp, regions of duplex DNA. RTH1 endonuclease cleaves the DNA strand at the junction of single- and double-stranded DNA; consequently, the observed inhibition with small duplex substrates was likely due to duplex melting. Our studies also demonstrated that RPA stimulated the RNase H activity of RTH1 nuclease significantly. In both instances (RTH1 endonuclease and RNase H), the stimulation may involve a specific interaction of RPA with the RTH1 nuclease rather than a structural positioning of the DNA substrate by RPA.


PMID: 9166765

DOI: 10.1021/bi962890u

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