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Technical modifications to the middle fossa craniotomy approach in removal of acoustic neuromas

, : Technical modifications to the middle fossa craniotomy approach in removal of acoustic neuromas. American Journal of Otology 15(5): 614-619

With the increased use of gadolinium-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging studies to detect acoustic neuromas, smaller tumors are discovered more frequently. The middle fossa craniotomy approach for removal of small tumors is ideal for hearing preservation. The authors report hearing preserved at or near the preoperative levels in 71 percent of a series of 24 consecutive patients in whom the middle fossa craniotomy approach was employed. Several technical modifications, including more extensive bony exposure medially, tumor dissection in a medial-to-lateral direction, and topical application of papaverine to the cochlear nerve it the modiolus, have enhanced the ability to preserve hearing.


PMID: 8572061

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