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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 9576

Chapter 9576 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

The energy cost of flight: Do small bats fly more cheaply than birds?. Journal of Comparative Physiology B Biochemical Systemic and Environmental Physiology 168(2): 105-111

The energy cost of level walking before and after hydro-kinesi therapy in patients with spastic paresis. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports 8(4): 222-228, Aug

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The energy dependence of detergent resistance in Enterobacter cloacae: A likely requirement for ATP rather than a proton gradient or a membrane potential. Canadian Journal of Microbiology 40(3): 184-191

The energy expenditure of actomyosin-ATPase, Ca(2+)-ATPase and Na+,K(+)-ATPase in guinea-pig cardiac ventricular muscle. Journal of Physiology 481: 647-662

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The energy of formation of internal loops in triple-helical collagen polypeptides. Biopolymers 35(6): 607-619

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The enethiolate anion reaction products of EpiD. Pka value of the enethiol side chain is lower than that of the thiol side chain of peptides. Journal of Biological Chemistry 272(8): 4759-4762

The engagement of CD4 surface antigen in the HEL haemopoietic cell line up-regulates the transforming growth factor-beta1 (TGF-beta1) promoter activity. British Journal of Haematology 97(3): 571-578

The engraftment of transplanted primary neuroepithelial cells within the postnatal mouse brain. Neuroscience Letters 181(1-2): 129-133

The engrailed and huckebein genes are essential for development of serotonin neurons in the Drosophila CNS. Molecular and Cellular Neurosciences 7(1): 46-61

The enhanced S cone syndrome: An analysis of receptoral and post-receptoral changes. Vision Research 36(22): 3711-3722

The enhanced association of apolipoprotein E with apolipoprotein B-containing lipoproteins in serum-stimulated hepatocytes occurs intracellularly. Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology 15(5): 593-600

The enhanced ciliospinal reflex in asymptomatic patients with cluster headache is due to preganglionic sympathetic mechanisms . Headache 37(8): 496-498

The enhanced detection of persistent disease after prostatectomy with a new prostate specific antigen immunoassay. Journal of Urology 150(2 Pt 1): 374-378

The enhanced immune response to the HIV gp160/LAMP chimeric gene product targeted to the lysosome membrane protein trafficking pathway. Journal of Biological Chemistry 272(13): 8671-8678

The enhanced immunosuppressive efficacy of newly developed liposomal FK506 in canine liver transplantation. Transplantation 59(10): 1384-1388

The enhanced inflammatory response in non-small cell lung carcinoma is not reflected in the alveolar compartment. Respiratory Medicine 92(1): 76-83, Jan

The enhanced mutagenic potential of the MucAB proteins correlates with the highly efficient processing of the MucA protein. Journal of Bacteriology 174(21): 6844-6851

The enhanced representation of surface texture consequent on the loss of sight. Neuropsychologia 32(3): 289-297

The enhanced therapeutic efficacy of intra-arterial cis-diamminedichloroplatinum (II) chemotherapy in combination with aortic clamping on metastatic hepatic tumors in the rat. Surgery Today 24(2): 128-132

The enhanced tumorigenic activity of a mutant epidermal growth factor receptor common in human cancers is mediated by threshold levels of constitutive tyrosine phosphorylation and unattenuated signaling. Journal of Biological Chemistry 272(5): 2927-2935

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The enhancement by pervanadate of tyrosine phosphorylation on prostatic proteins occurs through the inhibition of membrane-associated tyrosine phosphatases. Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry 153(1-2): 139-144

The enhancement by wortmannin of protein kinase C-dependent activation of phospholipase D in vascular endothelial cells. Chemistry & Physics of Lipids 86(1): 65-74

The enhancement of a commercial geographical information system (ARC/INFO) with fuzzy processing capabilities for the evaluation of land resources. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 20(1): 79-95

The enhancement of bactericidity but not of phagocyting activity of human neutrophils under interleukin 6 action. Immunologiya 0(6): 29-30

The enhancement of calcium efflux from sarcoplasmic reticulum vesicles by urea. Archives of Biochemistry & Biophysics 299(1): 73-76

The enhancement of catecholamine-induced chloride current by cyclic GMP revealed using photolabile caged compounds in guinea pig ventricular cells. Pfluegers Archiv European Journal of Physiology 424(5-6): 546-548

The enhancement of cell lethality and changes in production and repair of DNA damage by hypertonic treatment after exposure to X rays, bleomycin, and neocarzinostatin. Radiation Research 135(2): 189-196

The enhancement of cellular infiltration and vascularisation of a collagenous dermal implant in the rat by platelet-derived growth factor BB. Journal of Dermatological Science 10(1): 42-52

The enhancement of discharges phase-locking with stimulus envelope in the auditory units of the frog during long-term adaptation. Sensornye Sistemy 10(4): 5-18

The enhancement of epidermal regeneration by recombinant vaccinia virus growth factor. Vestnik Rossiiskoi Akademii Meditsinskikh Nauk 0(3): 38-42

The enhancement of growth and differentiation of rat adrenal nerve cells by the addition of conditioned medium from human fibroblast cultures. Cytotechnology 26(2): 125-130

The enhancement of growth of a syngeneic plasmacytoma in BALB/c mice by pristane priming is not due to immunosuppressive effects on antibody-forming cell or mitogen-responsive splenocytes. Immunology Letters 44(1): 41-44

The enhancement of human tumor necrosis factor-alpha antiviral activity in vivo by monoclonal and specific polyclonal antibodies. Lymphokine and Cytokine Research 12(2): 69-74

The enhancement of iron-dependent luminol peroxidation by 2,2'-dipyridyl and nitrilotriacetate. Journal of Bioluminescence and Chemiluminescence 9(4): 245-250

The enhancement of liver targetability of (3H)methotrexate-galactosylated serum albumin conjugate in mice. International Journal of Pharmaceutics (Amsterdam) 132(1-2): 175-182

The enhancement of morphine antinociception by a CCKB receptor antagonist in the rat depends on the phase of inflammation and the intensity of carrageenin-induced hyperalgesia. Pain 74(2-3): 269-274, Feb

The enhancement of morphine antinociception in mice by delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol. Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Behavior 60(2): 559-566

The enhancement of muscimol-stimulated 36C1 influx by the antispastic 5-aryl-3-(alkylsulfonyl)-4H-1,2,4-triazole (MDL 27 531) in rat brain membrane vesicles. Neuroscience Letters 201(2): 183-187

The enhancement of organic carbon substrate on the denitrification of soil. Journal of the Chinese Agricultural Chemical Society 33(4): 468-481

The enhancement of phosphatidylcholine biosynthesis by angiotensin II in H9c2 cells. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1259(3): 283-290

The enhancement of retention performance induced by picrotoxin in mice may be mediated through a release of endogenous vasopressin. Behavioural Pharmacology 7(3): 254-260

The enhancement of social functioning as a therapeutic principle in the management of depression. Journal of Psychopharmacology 11(4 Suppl): S25-S31

The enhancement of the extracellular carboxyl-terminal domain of human growth hormone receptor on growth hormone dependent responses of 3T3-F442A cells. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy 48(1): 35-39

The enhancement of the human immunoglobulin G Fc fragment-binding activity of Mycoplasma salivarium cells by trypsin treatment is ascribed to the binding of trypsin to the Fc fragment. FEMS Microbiology Letters 128(1): 9-14

The enhancer domain of the human cytomegalovirus major immediate-early promoter determines cell type-specific expression in transgenic mice. Journal of Virology 70(5): 3207-3214

The enhancer effect of several phenyl alcohols on percutaneous penetration of 5-fluorouracil. Pharmaceutical Research (New York) 14(5): 681-685

The enhancer in the long control region of human papillomavirus type 16 is up-regulated by PEF-1 and down-regulated by Oct-1. Journal of Virology 69(7): 4006-4011

The enhancer-blocking suppressor of Hairy-wing zinc finger protein of Drosophila melanogaster alters DNA structure. Molecular and Cellular Biology 14(9): 5645-5652

The enhancing effect of anionic alpha-helical peptide on cationic peptide-mediating transfection systems. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 235(3): 726-729

The enhancing effect of lithium on mouse LAK cell activity and its antitumor activity. Zhonghua Weishengquxue He Mianyixue Zazhi 14(1): 37-40

The enhancing effect of sodium nitrite on virus-induced leukemia in mice. Cancer Detection and Prevention 21(4): 312-318

The enhancing effect of tumour necrosis factor-alpha on oxidative stress in endotoxemia. Pharmacology & Toxicology 79(5): 259-265

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The enhancing mechanism of capric acid (C10) from a suppository on rectal drug absorption through a paracellular pathway. Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin 20(4): 446-448

The enigma of Bertinia bertinia Jousseaume, 1883 solved. Venus the Japanese Journal of Malacology 56(3): 233-240, Oct

The enigma of parkinsonism in chronic borderline mercury intoxication, resolved by challenge with penicillamine. Neurotoxicology 17(1): 291-295

The enigma of Y chromosome degeneration: TRAM, a novel retrotransposon is preferentially located on the Neo-Y chromosome of Drosophila miranda. Genetics 145(2): 261-266

The enigma of adult and immature articular cartilage. Journal of Histotechnology 20(3): 243-252

The enigma of common fragile sites. Human Genetics 97(4): 524-531

The enigma of food chain length: Absence of theoretical evidence for dynamic constraints. Ecology (Washington D C) 78(7): 2258-2262

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The enigma of microtubules and their self-organizing behavior in the cytoskeleton. Biosystems 42(2-3): 153-175

The enigma of olfactory learning revisited. Neuroscience 58(1): 1-12

The enigma of pX: A host-dependent cis-acting element with variable effects on tombusvirus RNA accumulation. Virology 237(1): 56-65

The enigma of pseudohallucinations: current meanings and usage. Psychopathology 29(1): 27-34

The enigma of pyloric stenosis. Some thoughts on the aetiology. Acta Paediatrica 86(1): 6-9

The enigma of sudden cardiac death related to dieting. Canadian Journal of Cardiology 11(3): 228-231

The enigma of trophic behavior in the Alvinocarididae shrimp from hydrothermal sites of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Cahiers de Biologie Marine 34(4): 535-571

The enigmatic plasmacytoid T cells develop into dendritic cells with interleukin (IL)-3 and CD40-ligand. Journal of Experimental Medicine 185(6): 1101-1111

The enkephalinase inhibitor, acetorphan, in acute diarrhoea: A double-blind, controlled clinical trial versus loperamide. Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology 28(4): 352-354

The enlarged translabyrinthine approach for removal of large vestibular schwannomas. Journal of Laryngology and Otology 108(7): 545-550

The enlarged uterus. Relation of uterine size to symptoms and histopathologic findings. Journal of Reproductive Medicine 41(3): 166-170

The enomelanin effect on the lipid peroxidation and glutathione system in the pulmonary tissue of rats subjected to NO-2. Ukrainskii Biokhimicheskii Zhurnal 67(6): 106-109

The enrichment of trace cadmium by liquid membrane and its determination by flame atomic absorption spectrometry. Huanjing Kexue 15(1): 88-91, V

The ensemble-averaged impedance cardiogram: An evaluation of scoring methods and interrater reliability. Psychophysiology 35(3): 337-340

The enteral bioavailability of eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid is as good from ethyl esters as from glyceryl esters in spite of lower hydrolytic rates by pancreatic lipase in vitro. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1168(1): 59-67

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The enterocyte as a secretory organ: The role of intestinal alkaline phosphatase in triacylglycerol absorption. Japanese Journal of Electrophoresis 38(3): 1-8

The enterocyte-like differentiation of the Caco-2 tumor cell line strongly correlates with responsiveness to cAMP and activation of kinase A pathway. Cell Growth & Differentiation 5(9): 967-973

The enteroinsular axis in dipeptidyl peptidase IV-negative rats. Metabolism Clinical & Experimental 45(11): 1335-1341

The enterotoxic effect of zonula occludens toxin on rabbit small intestine involves the paracellular pathway. Gastroenterology 112(3): 839-846

The enterotoxin from Clostridium difficile (ToxA) monoglucosylates the Rho proteins. Journal of Biological Chemistry 270(23): 13932-6

The enterotoxin gene (cpe) of Clostridium perfringens can be chromosomal or plasmid-borne. Molecular Microbiology 15(4): 639-647

The enterotoxin of Bacteroides fragilis is a metalloprotease. Infection and Immunity 63(1): 175-181

The enterotoxin of Clostridium perfringens type A binds to the presynaptic nerve endings in neuromuscular junctions of mouse phrenic nerve-diaphragm. Toxicon 33(4): 499-506

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The entire gamma-carboxyglutamic acid- and helical stack-domains of human coagulation factor IX are required for optimal binding to its endothelial cell receptor. International Journal of Peptide and Protein Research 48(3): 281-285

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