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The status of the gannet in Scotland in 1994-95

, : The status of the gannet in Scotland in 1994-95. Scottish Birds 19(1): 10-27, June

A census of all the Gannet colonies in the east Atlantic was carried out in 1994-95. This paper summarises the results from all the Scottish gannetries and compares them with the last major census in 1984-85. Scotland remains the stronghold of the Gannet with 12 colonies and a total population of 167,407 apparently occupied sites representing 61.1% of the east Atlantic population. Numbers were divided very unevenly between the colonies with St Kilda, the Bass Rock and Ailsa Craig together holding 76% of the Scottish population and 47% of the east Atlantic population. Since 1985 Gannets have bred at least once on Rockall (1992) and colonised Scotland's first mainland gannetry at Troup Head (1988). The colony on the Shiant Isles was short lived. The Scottish population increased at an average rate of 2.4% pa between 1984-5 and 1994-95. Sule Stack was the only colony which did not increase over the period. Rates of increase at the other colonies varied considerably but, in general, were highest at recently founded colonies.


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