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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 9707

Chapter 9707 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Use of model-based compartmental analysis to study effects of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin on vitamin A kinetics in rats. Toxicological Sciences 44(1): 1-13

Use of models for detecting and monitoring change in a mangrove ecosystem in northwestern Australia. Environment International 21(5): 605-618

Use of modern infrared thermography for wildlife population surveys. Environmental Management 19(2): 233-238

Use of modified crystal decanters with no lead migration for cognac storage. Journal of Food Protection 55(10): 806-807

Use of modified fluid gelatin and hydroxyethyl starch for colloidal volume replacement in major orthopaedic surgery. British Journal of Anaesthesia 78(1): 44-50

Use of modified functional assays for activated protein C resistance in patients with basally prolonged aPTT. Thrombosis and Haemostasis 78(3): 1042-1048

Use of modifiers in on-line and off-line supercritical fluid extraction. HRC (Journal of High Resolution Chromatography) 16(6): 368-371

Use of molecular analysis in pathophysiological investigation of late-onset neonatal Escherichia coli meningitis. Journal of Clinical Microbiology 33(11): 3074-3076

Use of molecular and reference susceptibility testing methods in a multicenter evaluation of MicroScan dried overnight gram-positive MIC panels for detection of vancomycin and high-level aminoglycoside resistances in enterococci. Journal of Clinical Microbiology 36(10): 2996-3001

Use of molecular epidemiological techniques in a pilot study on workers exposed to chromium. Occupational and Environmental Medicine 51(10): 663-668

Use of molecular karyotyping for differentiation of species in the heterogeneous taxon Saccharomyces exiguus. Journal of General & Applied Microbiology 42(4): 307-314

Use of molecular markers for epidemiologic investigations in pediatric patients. Pathologie Biologie 41(8): 716-723

Use of molecular markers for the identification of River Buffalo chromosomes: chromosome one. Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics 114(1-6): 451-455

Use of molecular markers for the identification of varieties of sugar cane (Saccharum sp.). Phyton (Buenos Aires) 61(1-2): 81-85

Use of molecular methods for bacteriology diagnosis. Annales de Dermatologie et de Venereologie 122(4): 206-212

Use of molecular methods in the early diagnosis of familial adenomatous polyposis and hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer. Annals of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore 25(1): 64-70

Use of molecular replacement to determine the phases of crystal structure of Taq DNA polymerase. Journal of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology 29(1): 38-44

Use of monetary reinforcement to reduce the cigarette smoking of persons with schizophrenia: a feasibility study. Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology 6(2): 157-161

Use of Mono Mac 6 human monocytic cell line and J774 murine macrophage cell line in parallel antimycobacterial drug studies. Antimicrobial Agents and ChemoTherapy 40(9): 2206-2208

Use of monobromobimane to resolve two recombinant proteins by reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography based on their cysteine content. Journal of Chromatography 627(1-2): 137-143

Use of monochlorobimane to determine the in vivo effect of cadmium, copper and lead on glutathione status in Mercenaria mercenaria brown cells. Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology C Pharmacology Toxicology & Endocrinology 116(2): 117-123

Use of monoclonal antibodies MSN-1 and B72.3 in the prediction of the natural history of endometrial hyperplasia. International Journal of Gynecological Pathology 12(3): 253-258

Use of monoclonal antibodies against T-lymphocyte precursor membrane markers for fractionation of cell interacting in the reaction of splenic colony formation. Immunologiya 0(1): 25-27

Use of monoclonal antibodies and biotin-streptavidin system of amplification for quantitative determination of human IgE. Mikrobiolohichnyi Zhurnal 58(2): 75-80

Use of monoclonal antibodies for discrimination between natural and recombinant human interferon-tau. Hybridoma 11(5): 561-568

Use of monoclonal antibodies for weak affinity chromatography. Journal of Chromatography A 758(2): 199-208

Use of monoclonal antibodies in the functional characterization of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae Sep1 protein. European Journal of Biochemistry 231(2): 329-336

Use of monoclonal antibodies in the standardization of Parietaria judaica allergenic extracts. Biologicals 23(3): 239-247

Use of monoclonal antibodies prepared against Schistosoma mansoni hatching fluid antigens for demonstration of Schistosoma haematobium circulating egg antigens in urine. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 58(5): 543-550

Use of monoclonal antibodies to cytochrome P450s to indicate the critical dealkylation and the P450s involved in methyl-n-amylnitrosamine mutagenicity in the presence of induced rat liver microsomes. Mutation Research 331(1): 161-170

Use of monoclonal antibodies to detect disease associated HLA-DRB1 alleles and the shared epitope in rheumatoid arthritis. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 56(2): 135-139

Use of monoclonal antibodies to facilitate identification, cloning, and purification of Chlamydia trachomatis hsp10. Journal of Clinical Microbiology 35(5): 1209-1215

Use of monoclonal antibodies to identify phospholipase C as the enterotoxic factor of the bifunctional hemolysin-phospholipase C molecule of Vibrio cholerae O139. Infection and Immunity 66(8): 3974-3977

Use of monoclonal antibodies to identify serotypes of enterovirus isolates. Journal of Clinical Microbiology 36(7): 1877-1881

Use of monoclonal antibodies to isolate and characterize Cyn d I, the major allergen of Bermuda grass pollen. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 92(4): 549-558

Use of monoclonal antibodies to study the structure and function of eukaryotic protein synthesis initiation factor eIF-2B. European Journal of Biochemistry 221(1): 399-410

Use of monoclonal antibody 1H1, anticortactin, to distinguish normal and neoplastic smooth muscle cells: comparison with anti-alpha-smooth muscle actin and antimuscle-specific actin. Human Pathology 26(7): 776-783

Use of monoclonal antibody against human inhibin as a marker for sex cord-stromal tumors of the ovary. American Journal of Surgical Pathology 21(5): 583-589

Use of monoclonal antibody blends in the identification of enteroviral aseptic meningitis. Current Microbiology 28(1): 49-52

Use of monoclonal antibody to detect bone morphogenetic protein-4 (BMP-4). Bone (New York) 16(1): 91-96

Use of monoethylglycinexylidide as a liver function test in the liver transplant recipient. Transplantation 56(6): 1385-1388

Use of monolaurates for the removal of endotoxins from acellular pertussis vaccine. Zhurnal Mikrobiologii Epidemiologii i Immunobiologii 0(7-8): 37-39

Use of monophasic action potentials to evaluate postpacing T wave changes. Cardiology 83(4): 244-249

Use of monosodium glutamate in combined therapy of atrophic gastritis. Voprosy Pitaniya 0(5-6): 19-22

Use of mordenite columns in ion-exclusion chromatography. Journal of Chromatography A 760(2): 292-294

Use of morning report to enhance adverse event detection. Jgim 11(8): 454-460

Use of morphine sulfate (MS Contin) in patients with burns: a pilot study. Journal of Burn Care & Rehabilitation 13(5): 581-583

Use of morpholinonucleosides to conjugate oxidized DNA bases to proteins. Bioconjugate Chemistry 7(4): 445-450

Use of morphometric parameters for the determination of sex of Adelie penguins. Wildlife Research 19(6): 657-664

Use of morphometry as an aid in the differential diagnosis of large cell carcinoma of the lung. Analytical and Quantitative Cytology and Histology 15(2): 101-106

Use of mosses and lichens for regional mapping of cesium-137 fallout from the Chernobyl accident. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 21(1): 65-73

Use of motor current in flow rate measurement for the magnetically suspended centrifugal blood pump. Artificial Organs 21(5): 396-401

Use of mouse hepatocytes for the flow cytometric determination of DNA levels of nuclei extracted from fresh tissue of hybrid larch (Larix x eurolepis Henry). Cytometry 14(2): 217-222

Use of mouth pressure twitches induced by cervical magnetic stimulation to assess voluntary activation of the diaphragm. European Respiratory Journal 12(3): 672-678

Use of mtDNA direct polymerase chain reaction (PCR) sequencing and PCR-restriction fragment length polymorphism methodologies in species identification of canned tuna. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 46(4): 1662-1669

Use of mu-conotoxin GIIIA for the study of synaptic transmission at the frog neuromuscular junction. Neuroscience Letters 157(2): 235-238

Use of mucin antibodies and cDNA probes to quantify hypersecretion in vivo in human airways. American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology 10(5): 538-545

Use of multi-mesh gillnets and trammel nets to estimate fish species composition in coral reef and mangroves in the southwest coast of Puerto Rico. Caribbean Journal of Science 33(1-2): 45-57

Use of multichannel discrete analyser to reduce unnecessary biochemical tests. Journal of Clinical Pathology 46(5): 459-461

Use of multicolour chromosome painting to identify chromosomal rearrangements in human lymphocytes exposed to bleomycin: A comparison with conventional cytogenetic analysis of Giemsa-stained chromosomes. Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis 26(1): 44-54

Use of multidimensional evaluation for estimation of antihypoxic therapy action in the early period after lethal irradiation. Radiatsionnaya Biologiya Radioekologiya 34(2): 292-299

Use of multidrug transporters as first lines of defense against toxins in aquatic organisms. Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology A 120(1): 23-28, May

Use of multifactorial analysis to develop aqueous two-phase systems for isolation of non-native IGF-I. Bioseparation 5(2): 113-121

Use of multiple PCR primer sets for optimal detection of human papillomavirus. Journal of Clinical Microbiology 34(9): 2095-2100

Use of multiple clips for tubal occlusion in interval laparoscopic sterilization: Circumstances and consequences. Contraception 50(5): 409-416

Use of multiple drugs among adolescents who use anabolic steroids. New England Journal of Medicine 328(13): 922-926

Use of multiple molecular subtyping techniques to investigate a Legionnaires' disease outbreak due to identical strains at two tourist lodges. Journal of Clinical Microbiology 31(10): 2584-2588

Use of multiple patches during implantation of epicardial defibrillator systems. American Journal of Cardiology 71(1): 68-71

Use of multiple primary cancers to indicate associations between smoking and cancer incidence: An analysis of 500,000 cancer cases diagnosed in Norway during 1953-93. International Journal of Cancer 70(4): 401-407

Use of multiple reporting sources for perinatal hepatitis B surveillance and follow-up. American Journal of Epidemiology 142(7): 765-770

Use of multiple spawning sites and seasonal movement by razorback suckers in the Middle Green River, Utah. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 18(2): 318-326, May

Use of multiple urolume endourethral prostheses in complex bulbar urethral strictures. Journal of Urology 157(5): 1665-1668

Use of multiple-alternative matching-to-sample in the study of visual search in a chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes). Journal of Comparative Psychology 107(1): 75-83

Use of multiple-cause mortality data in epidemiologic analyses: US rate and proportion files developed by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and the National Cancer Institute. American Journal of Epidemiology 136(7): 855-862

Use of multiple-dose activated charcoal in phenytoin toxicity. Annals of PharmacoTherapy 28(2): 201-203

Use of multiplex PCR system for the simultaneous detection of heat labile toxin I and heat stable toxin II Escherichia coli cells in environmental Waters near Taichung City. Journal of Food & Drug Analysis 6(2): 511-516, June

Use of Multiscreen plates for the preparation of bacterial DNA suitable for PCR. Biotechniques 19(2): 282-285

Use of multistep gradient elution TLC to model gradient separation in HPLC. Journal of Planar Chromatography - Modern TLC 11(1): 34-37, Jan -Feb

Use of multivariate analysis to compare antimicrobial agents on the basis of in vitro activity data. Antimicrobial Agents and ChemoTherapy 38(2): 184-188

Use of multivariate characterization, design and analysis in assay optimization. Journal of Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Analysis 13(4-5): 369-376

Use of multivitamin/mineral prenatal supplements: influence on the outcome of pregnancy. American Journal of Epidemiology 146(2): 134-141

Use of municipal sewage sludge for the fertilization of forests. Mobility of metals and the risk of surface- and ground-water contamination. Revue des Sciences de l'Eau 10(4): 507-525

Use of municipal waste products in energy forestry: Highlights from 15 years of experience. Biomass & Bioenergy 15(1): 71-74

Use of murine CXCR-4 as a second receptor by some T-cell-tropic human immunodeficiency viruses. Journal of Virology 72(2): 1652-1656

Use of murine models of cytokine-secreting tumor vaccines to study feasibility and toxicity issues critical to designing clinical trials. Journal of ImmunoTherapy With Emphasis on Tumor Immunology 18(1): 1-9

Use of muscle flap to cover infections of the carotid artery after carotid endarterectomy. Journal of Vascular Surgery 25(4): 769-773

Use of mutator cells as a means for increasing production levels of a recombinant antibody directed against Hepatitis B. Gene (Amsterdam) 201(1-2): 203-209, Nov 12

Use of mycophenolate mofetil for prevention of acute rejection in renal transplantation. Urologe Ausgabe A 37(3): 282-286, May

Use of myeloperoxidase mRNA as a marker for myeloid lineage in acute leukemias. Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine 120(9): 828-834

Use of myoblasts in assaying the osteoinductivity of bone morphogenetic proteins. Life Sciences 62(26): 2359-2368, May 22

Use of naloxone at Norwegian maternity centres. Tidsskrift for den Norske Laegeforening 114(3): 305-307

Use of nanogold- and fluorescent-labeled antibody Fv fragments in immunocytochemistry. Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry 44(3): 207-213

Use of naproxen in ameliorating induced paraneoplastic fever. Clinical Drug Investigation 10(1): 8-11

Use of nasal continuous positive airway pressure as treatment of childhood obstructive sleep apnea. Journal of Pediatrics 127(1): 88-94

Use of nasal mask CPAP instead of tracheostomy for palliative care in two children. Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health 30(2): 179-181

Use of nasal peak flow to assess nasal patency. Allergy (Copenhagen) 52(9): 901-908

Use of nasopharyngeal isolates of Streptococcus pneumoniae and Haemophilus influenzae from children in Pakistan for surveillance for antimicrobial resistance. Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal 12(10): 824-830

Use of native and recombinant bactericidal/permeability-increasing proteins (BPI) as antigens for detection of BPI-ANCA. Journal of Immunological Methods 205(2): 127-133

Use of native macrophytes as indicators of suitable Eurasian watermilfoil habitat in Wisconsin lakes. Journal of Aquatic Plant Management 35(JAN ): 21-24

Use of natural additives: A new dimension in improving plant regeneration from callus culture of maize (Zea mays L.). Annals of Biology (Ludhiana) 9(1): 38-41

Use of natural and created Spartina alterniflora salt marshes by fishery species and other aquatic fauna in Galveston Bay, Texas, USA. Marine Ecology Progress Series 151(1-3): 165-179

Use of near infrared reflectance spectroscopic analysis for rapid evaluation of porcine soft fat. Japanese Journal of Swine Science 30(4): 257-266

Use of near infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) for the chemical composition and nutritional attributes of green crop cereals. Animal Feed Science and Technology 75(1): 15-25

Use of near infrared reflectance spectroscopy as a tool for screening treated forages and by-products. Journal of dairy science 77(4): 1030-1037

Use of near infrared spectroscopy for detecting the rates of wheat seed infection by Septoria nodorum Berk. Mededelingen Faculteit Landbouwkundige en Toegepaste Biologische Wetenschappen Universiteit Gent 60(28): 459-467

Use of near infrared spectroscopy to estimate cerebral blood flow in conscious and anaesthetized adult subjects. British Journal of Anaesthesia 76(1): 43-48

Use of near infrared spectroscopy to evaluate the intensity of extrusion-cooking processing of pea flour. International Journal of Food Science & Technology 28(1): 1-12

Use of near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy in prediction of heavy metals in freshwater sediment by their association with organic matter. Environmental Science & Technology 31(12): 3461-3467, Dec

Use of near-infrared spectroscopy in the adult. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological Sciences 352(1354): 701-705

Use of near-infrared spectroscopy to evaluate an active in a film coated tablet. Pharmaceutical Research (New York) 13(4): 616-621

Use of nebulized adrenaline to aid expulsion of intra-nasal foreign bodies in children. Journal of Laryngology and Otology 110(6): 559-560

Use of needle guide for duplex guided injections. Phlebologie 49(4): 473-476

Use of negatively charged sulfobutyl ether-beta-cyclodextrin for enantiomeric separation by capillary electrophoresis. Journal of Chromatography A 716(1-2): 183-196

Use of nematocyst morphology for taxonomy of some related species of scleractinian corals. Galaxea 11(1): 21-28

Use of neonatal intensive care unit as a safe place for neonatal surgery. Archives of Disease in Childhood. Fetal and Neonatal Edition 76(1): F51-F53

Use of nest materials by Yellow-legged Gull Larus cachinnans: Impact on the breeding colonies vegetation. Alauda 65(4): 301-305

Use of nested polymerase chain reaction for rapid detection of cytomegalovirus in peripheral blood leukocytes of patients after bone marrow transplantation. Voprosy Virusologii 41(4): 147-149

Use of net present value analysis to evaluate a publicly funded biomass-to-ethanol research, development, and demonstration program and evaluate expected private sector participation. Applied Biochemistry & Biotechnology 70-72(0): 807-819, Spring

Use of netting and whitewash spray to protect papaya plants against Nivun Haamirimide dieback disease. Crop Protection 11(6): 525-528

Use of neural networks as medical diagnosis expert systems. Computers in Biology & Medicine 24(6): 419-429

Use of neural networks in brain SPECT to diagnose Alzheimer's disease. Journal of Nuclear Medicine 37(2): 195-200

Use of neural networks in medical expert systems. Medical Informatics 20(4): 349-357

Use of neural networks in predicting the risk of coronary artery disease. Computers & Biomedical Research 28(1): 38-52

Use of neural networks to diagnose acute myocardial infarction. I. Methodology. Clinical Chemistry 42(4): 604-612

Use of neural networks to diagnose acute myocardial infarction. II. A clinical application. Clinical Chemistry 42(4): 613-617

Use of neuroanesthesia adjuncts (hyperventilation and mannitol administration) improves neurological outcome after thoracic aortic cross-clamping in dogs. Stroke 24(8): 1204-10; Discussion 1210-1

Use of neuroendocrine effects in discrimination between CNS-active drugs in the rat. Drug Development Research 29(3): 227-234

Use of neuroendocrine serum markers in the follow-up of patients with cancer of the prostate. Prostate 31(2): 110-117

Use of neuron-activation techniques for studying elemental distributions: Applications in geochemistry, ecology and technology. Radiation Measurements 28(1-6): 369-378

Use of neuropathological tissue for molecular genetic studies: Parameters affecting DNA extraction and polymerase chain reaction. Acta Neuropathologica 88(1): 19-25

Use of neurosurgical techniques for removal of a cardiac tumor. Annals of Thoracic Surgery 57(3): 741-743

Use of neurotoxins to study Ca2+ channel functions. Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research 29(12): 1759-1763

Use of neurotransplantation in the treatment of patients with Parkinson's disease. Vestnik Rossiiskoi Akademii Meditsinskikh Nauk 0(8): 40-51

Use of neutral avidin improves pharmacokinetics and brain delivery of biotin bound to an avidin-monoclonal antibody conjugate. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 269(1): 344-350

Use of new Escherichia coli/Streptomyces conjugative vectors to probe the functions of the two groEL-like genes of Streptomyces albus G by gene disruption. Gene 134(1): 25-32

Use of new Nordic criteria for classification of SIDS to re-evaluate diagnoses of sudden unexpected infant death in the Nordic countries. Acta Paediatrica 86(4): 391-396

Use of new electrical dissecting laparoscopic cholecystectomy instruments for laparoscopic electro-dynamic cholecystectomy. Medical Science Research 25(6): 425-427

Use of new methods for construction of tightly regulated arabinose and rhamnose promoter fusions in studies of the Escherichia coli phosphate regulon. Journal of Bacteriology 180(5): 1277-1286

Use of newborn liver cells as a murine model for cord blood cell transplantation. Journal of Immunology 151(3): 1597-1605

Use of niacin, statins, and resins in patients with combined hyperlipidemia. American Journal of Cardiology 81(4A): 52B-59B, Feb 26

Use of nickel iron alloy in scanning electron microscopy of red cells. Klinicheskaya Laboratornaya Diagnostika 0(7-8): 19-21

Use of nicotinic acid in feeding of high-milking cows. Doklady Rossiiskoi Akademii Sel'skokhozyaistvennykh Nauk 0(1): 33-35

Use of nifedipine for treating gastric and duodenal ulcers. Likars'ka Sprava 0(5-6): 123-125

Use of nifedipine in the cases of poor preventive effect of lithium carbonate in patients with affective and schizoaffective psychoses. Zhurnal Nevrologii i Psikhiatrii Imeni S S Korsakova 97(10): 35-39

Use of nifedipine in the hypertensive diseases of pregnancy. Annals of PharmacoTherapy 28(12): 1371-1378

Use of nisin and microwave treatment reduces Clostridium sporogenes outgrowth in precooked vacuum-packaged beef. Journal of Food Protection 60(9): 1072-1074

Use of nitrate nonutilizing mutants in ecological studies of fusarium diseases IV. Seed transmission of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici race 2. Bulletin of the National Agriculture Research Center 0(26): 1-13

Use of nitrate nonutilizing mutants in ecological studies of fusarium diseases: III. Growth, benomyl sensitivity, pathogenicity, and stability of nit mutants of Fusarium oxysporum compared to wild-type strains. Annals of the Phytopathological Society of Japan 61(6): 541-548

Use of nitrate-nonutilizing mutant in ecological studies of Fusarium diseases: II. Isolation of nitrate-nonutilizing mutants of Fusarium oxysporum on selective media. Annals of the Phytopathological Society of Japan 60(6): 705-710

Use of nitrate-nonutilizing mutants in ecological studies of Fusarium disease: I. Formation of nit mutants from some formae speciales of Fusarium oxysporum. Annals of the Phytopathological Society of Japan 60(6): 699-704

Use of nitrates and blockers of slow calcium channels in treatment of patients with ischemic heart disease presenting with disturbances in intraventricular conduction. Likars'ka Sprava 0(1-2): 62-68

Use of nitric oxide synthase inhibitors as a novel treatment for septic shock. Annals of PharmacoTherapy 29(1): 36-46

Use of nitric oxide-nucleophile adducts as biological sources of nitric oxide: effects on airway smooth muscle. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 278(3): 1269-1275

Use of nitrification inhibitors (neem and DCD) to increase N efficiency in maize-wheat cropping system. Fertilizer Research 44(3): 169-175

Use of nitrification inhibitors to increase fertilizer nitrogen recovery and lint yield in irrigated cotton. Fertilizer Research 34(1): 37-44

Use of nitrogen-15 kinetic isotope effects to elucidate details of the chemical mechanism of human immunodeficiency virus 1 protease. Biochemistry 32(46): 12380-12385

Use of nitroglycerin for the treatment of acute myocardial infarction. Heart & Vessels 9(1): 3-13

Use of nitrous oxide to dissociate the non-specific and specific components of the human auditory N1. Electroencephalography & Clinical Neurophysiology 104(6): 555-558, Nov

Use of nitroxides for assessing perfusion, oxygenation, and viability of tissues: In vivo EPR and MRI studies. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 35(1): 97-106

Use of non-Euclidean metrics in epidemiological classifications. Zhurnal Mikrobiologii Epidemiologii i Immunobiologii 0(4): 52-55

Use of non-contact three-dimensional surface measurements to evaluate the accuracy of plaster facial models. Shika Igaku 57(4): 271-281

Use of non-crystallographic symmetry in protein structure refinement. Acta Crystallographica. Section D, Biological Crystallography 52(Pt 4): 842-857

Use of non-invasive finger blood pressure monitoring in the estimation of aortic pressure at rest and during the Mueller manoeuvre. Clinical Physiology (Oxford) 12(6): 619-628

Use of non-linear EEG analysis to study abnormal brain dynamics in deaf human subjects. Neuroscience Letters 249(2-3): 167-171, June 19

Use of non-linear EEG measures to characterize EEG changes during mental activity. Electroencephalography & Clinical Neurophysiology 99(3): 214-224

Use of non-peptide tachykinin receptor antagonists to substantiate the involvement of NK-1 and NK-2 receptors in a spinal nociceptive reflex in the rat. European Journal of Pharmacology 232(2-3): 255-261

Use of non-proven therapies: Differences in attitudes between Norwegian patients with non-malignant disease and patients suffering from cancer. Acta Oncologica (Stockholm) 34(7): 893-898

Use of non-proven therapy among Norwegian hospitalised cancer patients. Tidsskrift for den Norske Laegeforening 117(17): 2458-2463

Use of non-radioactive detection in SSCP, direct DNA sequencing and LOH analysis. Clinical Molecular Pathology 49(2): M118-M121

Use of non-radioactive labels for half-life measurement of sex hormone-binding globulin in the rabbit. Steroids 60(10): 686-692

Use of non-radioactive methods for the determination of the expression, the sequence and the copy-number of transgene in mice. Cellular and Molecular Biology 41(7): 907-915

Use of non-radioactive probes for VP4 typing of human rotaviruses. Journal of Virological Methods 61(1-2): 59-64

Use of non-radioactive probes for mRNA detection by in situ hybridization: interests and applications in the central nervous system. Cellular and Molecular Biology 41(7): 917-923

Use of non-selected material for oil palm breeding: The Angola origin. Plantations Recherche Developpement 5(3): 201-207, May-June

Use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in food-producing animals. Norsk Veterinaertidsskrift 107(8-9): 853-860

Use of non-subjective analysis of lens transparency in experimental radiation cataract research. Ophthalmic Research 27 Suppl 1: 110-115

Use of non-wildlife passages across a high speed railway by terrestrial vertebrates. Journal of Applied Ecology 33(6): 1527-1540

Use of nonautologous microencapsulated fibroblasts in growth hormone gene therapy to improve growth of midget swine. Human Gene Therapy 9(14): 1995-2003

Use of nonbreakpoint DNA probes to detect the t(X;18) in interphase cells from synovial sarcoma: implications for detection of diagnostic tumor translocations. American Journal of Pathology 152(5): 1171-1177

Use of nondenaturing silver-stained polyacrylamide gel analysis of polymerase chain reaction amplification products for the differential diagnosis of Leptospira interrogans infection. Diagnostic Microbiology & Infectious Disease 22(4): 343-348

Use of nondestructive biomarkers and residue analysis to assess the health status of endangered species of pinnipeds in the South-West Atlantic. Marine Pollution Bulletin 34(3): 157-162

Use of nonlinear least-squares model for the kinetic determination of the stability constant of cyclodextrin inclusion complexes. International Journal of Pharmaceutics (Amsterdam) 144(2): 225-231

Use of nonlinear methods to assess effects of clonidine on blood pressure in spontaneously hypertensive rats. Journal of Applied Physiology 84(5): 1795-1800

Use of nonoxynol-9 and changes in vaginal lactobacilli. Journal of Infectious Diseases 178(2): 441-445, Aug

Use of nonporous polytetrafluoroethylene prosthesis in combination with polypropylene prosthetic abdominal wall implants in prevention of peritoneal adhesions. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research 38(3): 197-202

Use of nonradiative decays of extrinsic fluorophores as structural and dynamical probes in protein environments: Fluorescence quenching. Biophysical Chemistry 50(3): 293-304

Use of nonradioactive biotin-labeled probes for testing hepatitis A virus. Molekulyarnaya Genetika Mikrobiologiya i Virusologiya 0(9-10): 5-8

Use of nonverbal tests to screen for writing dysfluency in school-age children. Perceptual and Motor Skills 76(3 Pt 1): 803-809

Use of norethisterone and estradiol in mini doses as a contraceptive in the male: Efficacy studies in the adult male Bonnet monkey (Macaca radiata). Contraception 56(4): 257-265

Use of normal C57BL/6 mice with established Mycobacterium avium infections as an alternative model for evaluation of antibiotic activity. Antimicrobial Agents & Chemotherapy 39(3): 735-738

Use of normal and transgenic mice to examine the relationship between terminal differentiation of intestinal epithelial cells and accumulation of their cell cycle regulators. Journal of Biological Chemistry 271(45): 28414-28421

Use of normobaric hypoxic training in obstetrics. Vestnik Rossiiskoi Akademii Meditsinskikh Nauk: 30-33

Use of novel antipsychotic drugs. Pharmacotherapy 16(6 PART 2): 160S-165S

Use of nuclear magnetic resonance imaging angiography to follow-up arterial remodeling in an animal model. Angiology 49(4): 251-258

Use of nuclear magnetic resonance of model thermophysical properties of frozen and unfrozen model food gels. Journal of Food Engineering 25(1): 1-19

Use of nucleic acid dyes SYTO-13, TOTO-1, and YOYO-1 in the study of Escherichia coli and marine prokaryotic populations by flow cytometry. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 63(11): 4608-4611

Use of nucleic acid probes to identify mycobacteria directly from Difco ESP-Myco bottles. Journal of Clinical Microbiology 35(4): 1002-1004

Use of nucleic acids as indicators of growth in juvenile white shrimp, Penaeus vannamei. Marine Biology (Berlin) 120(3): 359-367

Use of nucleolytic enzymes (ribonucleases, polynucleotide phosphorylases, and Serratia marcescens endonuclease) for preparation of initial blocks of synthetic endoribonucleases. Biologicheskie Nauki (Moscow) 0(2): 9-15

Use of numerical methods in the design of biofilm reactors. Applied Biochemistry & Biotechnology 36(2): 119-136

Use of numerical taxonomy to compare Moco cotton with other Cotton species and races. Revista Brasileira de Genetica 18(1): 99-103

Use of nutrients in the course of wound healing. Anesteziologiya i Reanimatologiya 0(5): 29-39

Use of nylon membrane in the isolation of DNA fragments from agarose gels. Voprosy Meditsinskoi Khimii 41(3): 61-62

Use of oblique sagittal T2-weighted images in diagnosing rotator cuff tears. Nihon Igaku Hoshasen Gakkai Zasshi. Nippon Acta Radiologica 56(6): 373-376

Use of observational data, including surveillance studies, for evaluating AIDS therapies. Statistics in Medicine 15(21-22): 2273-2288

Use of oceanographic forecasts and echosounders to guide and enhance an inshore gillnet fishery for Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua). Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 50(10): 2129-2136

Use of octadecylrhodamine fluorescence dequenching to study vesicular stomatitis virus fusion with human aged red blood cells. Photochemistry & Photobiology 57(3): 426-430

Use of octreotide in the symptomatic management of diarrhea induced by graft-versus-host disease in patients with hematologic malignancies. Journal of Clinical Oncology 15(11): 3350-3354

Use of octreotide in the treatment of digestive hemorrhage. Farmacia Clinica 12(3): 189-190, 192-194

Use of octreotide in the treatment of mesenteric angina. American Journal of Gastroenterology 92(7): 1222-1223

Use of odour bait to catch bank voles. Acta Theriologica 39(2): 221-225

Use of off-line gel permeation chromatography-normal-phase liquid chromatography for the determination of polycyclic aromatic compounds in environmental samples and standard reference materials (air particulate matter and marine sediment). Journal of Chromatography 625(2): 141-149

Use of old and new oral 5-aminosalicylic acid in inflammatory bowel disease. Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine 62(5): 317-323

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