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Deuteration effects on the in vivo EPR spectrum of the reduced secondary photosystem I electron acceptor A1 in cyanobacteria

, : Deuteration effects on the in vivo EPR spectrum of the reduced secondary photosystem I electron acceptor A1 in cyanobacteria. Biochemistry 38(12): 3726-3732

The photoreduction of the secondary PSI electron acceptor A1 in vivo has recently been detected via X-band EPR spectroscopy in intact spinach chloroplasts and in marine cyanobacteria Synechococcus PCC 7002 [Klughammer, C., and Pace, R. J. (1997) Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1318, 133-144]. A further study of the A1- EPR spectrum of Synechococcus PCC 7002 at room temperature with higher-field resolution revealed partially resolved hyperfine structure which was dominated by 0.4 mT splittings of three equivalent protons. The hyperfine splitting was not significantly affected by incubation of the cyanobacteria in 2H2O medium for 20 h, but was absent in fully deuterated cyanobacteria that were grown in 2H2O medium. Anisotropic g-factors consistent with a phylloquinone radical were derived by spectra simulation. Biosynthetic protonation of quinones via the CH3 donor L-methionine in deuterated cells maintained hyperfine structure in the A1- spectrum, indicating the incorporation of CH3 groups in 60% of the deuterated, photoactive A1 molecules. Conversely, biosynthetic quinone deuteration via L-[methyl-d3]methionine in protonated cells led to the loss of the 0.4 mT splittings in 54% of the A1 molecules. These observations confirm the conclusion of Heathcote et al. [(1996) Biochemistry 35, 6644-6650] of the identity of EPR-detected, photoreduced A1- in vivo with a phylloquinone (vitamin K1) radical in PSI. The partially resolved hyperfine structure of the A1- spectrum indicates an altered spin distribution in the bound vitamin K1- radical in vivo compared to that of unbound vitamin K1- in vitro. Copyright 1999, American Chemical Society.


PMID: 10090761

DOI: 10.1021/bi982431o

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