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Distribution of PYY receptors in human fat cells: an antilipolytic system alongside the a2-adrenergic system

, : Distribution of PYY receptors in human fat cells: an antilipolytic system alongside the a2-adrenergic system. American Journal of Physiology 265: 4-80

The antilipolytic effect of peptide YY (PYY) and neuropeptide Y has recently been shown in human adipocytes. PYY receptors were investigated in three human adipose deposits. A greater number of 125I-labeled PYY binding sites was found in femoral adipocyte membranes (maximal binding = 40 [plus or minus] 4 fmol/mg protein; dissociation constant = 0.3 [plus or minus] 0.1 nM) when compared with mammary and pericolonic adipose tissue. PYY receptors, like a2-adrenergic sites, were largely expressed in femoral fat cells. Such a distribution was not specific either to inhibitory or to stimulating adenylyl cyclase systems since adenosine A1 and b-adrenergic receptors were more numerous in pericolonic adipocytes. On isolated adipocytes, PYY (10-7 M) inhibited lipolysis by 58 [plus or minus] 2% in femoral and 14 [plus or minus] 4% in pericolonic fat cells; epinephrine had the following similar response: 62 [plus or minus] 5 and 26 [plus or minus] 8%, respectively. A close relationship between the number of a2-sites and PYY sites and the antilipolytic effects initiated by PYY and an a2-agonist was observed. No significant differences were noted in the amount of Gi proteins in femoral and pericolonic adipocyte membranes. Reprinted by permission of the publisher. .


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