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Kidney prenatal development in normal state and in gestosis

, : Kidney prenatal development in normal state and in gestosis. Morfologiya 107(7-12): 22-29

Kidneys of the foetuses in cases of normal pregnancy (37) and in gestosis (31) were studied in following gestative terms: 24-48, 30-36 and 39-40 weeks. Dynamics of specific volume of structural elements of cortical substance (CS) and of external and internal zones of medullary substance (MS) of kidney was established in normal pregnancy and in gestosis. In normal pregnancy specific volume of the CS vessels and tubules increases in proportion with gestative term. Differences in dynamics of specific volume of vessels and tubules were found in external and internal zones of MS. Specific volume of nephrogenic blastaema and tubules of cortex and medulla reduces in gestosis, placentary insufficiency and hypoxy of the foetus. Specific volume of the CS stroma and vessels of both zones also increases in combined gestosis, while in the one without combination with other diseases specific volume of the cortical and medullary stroma increases. Correlative analysis revealed that the growth of these structures of cortex and medulla is dependent on the increase of the number of the connections in proportion with the gestative term. Number, direction and significance of correlative connections, reflecting adaptive possibilities of the foetal kidney structures in conditions of prolonged hypoxy were found to alter in gestosis.


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