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Semen collection and evaluation in dogs

, : Semen collection and evaluation in dogs. Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinaria e Zootecnia 46(5): 537-544

One hundred and seventy one ejaculates from 21 stud dogs of different pure breeds Doberman, Whippet, Beagle, Afghan Hound, Fila Brasileiro, Shepherd Dog and Rotweiller aged between 12 and 84 months were studied. Semen was collected according to the three distinct fractions in the ejaculate and was analysed according to ejaculation time, volume and concentration. The first fraction was lost during manipulation of the dogs. The second fraction showed 3.00 +- 0.20 min, 2.40 +- 1.80 ml and 15.00 +- 0.20 times 10-6 sptz/ml. The third showed 10.00 +- 0.50 min, 3.80 +- 2.0 ml and 15.00 times 10 +- 0.20 times 10-6 sptz/ml. In the same order, unfractioned semen showed the following values: 15.00 +- 0.40 min, 6.48 +- 4.32 ml and 53.00 times 10 +- 2.10 times 10-6 sptz/ml, respectively. Time, volume and concentration were different (P lt 0.05) in relation to each fraction and integral semen. Analysis showed spermatic abnormality proportions of 15.73 +- 9.05% for total defects being 5.74 +- 3.81% of major defects and 9.99 +- 5.24% of minor abnormalities. When the animals were grouped in two distinct classes ( lt 20 kg and gt 20 kg), there was no statistical difference between seminal characteristics, except for seminal volume (P lt 0.05).


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