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Transcriptional Analysis of the sfa Determinant Revealing Multiple mRNA Processing Events in the Biogenesis of S Fimbriae in Pathogenic Escherichia coli

, : Transcriptional Analysis of the sfa Determinant Revealing Multiple mRNA Processing Events in the Biogenesis of S Fimbriae in Pathogenic Escherichia coli. Journal of Bacteriology 185(2): 0-9

000000248 754[vertical bar]ITLN[vertical bar]749[vertical bar]ITLY[vertical bar]666[vertical bar]ITLN[vertical bar]662[vertical bar]ITLY[vertical bar]572[vertical bar]ITLN[vertical bar]565[vertical bar]ITLY[vertical bar]430[vertical bar]ITLN[vertical bar]427[vertical bar]ITLY[vertical bar]378[vertical bar]ITLN[vertical bar]372[vertical bar]ITLY[vertical bar]354[vertical bar]ITLN[vertical bar]347[vertical bar]ITLY[vertical bar]341[vertical bar]ITLN[vertical bar]335[vertical bar]ITLY[vertical bar]333[vertical bar]ITLN[vertical bar]329[vertical bar]ITLY[vertical bar]327[vertical bar]ITLN[vertical bar]321[vertical bar]ITLY[vertical bar]258[vertical bar]ITLN[vertical bar]254[vertical bar]ITLY[vertical bar]157[vertical bar]ITLN[vertical bar]154[vertical bar]ITLY[vertical bar]100[vertical bar]ITLN[vertical bar]84[vertical bar]ITLY[vertical bar]57[vertical bar]ITLN[vertical bar]56[vertical bar]ITLY[vertical bar]35[vertical bar]ITLN[vertical bar]31[vertical bar]ITLY[vertical bar]The differential expression of sfa (S-fimbrial adhesins) operon genes in pathogenic Escherichia coli was examined. Transcriptional analysis of the whole sfa determinant suggested that a number of endoribonucleolytic cleavages occur in the mRNA from the sfa operon. Different distinct transcriptional products, including sfaBA, sfaA, sfaADE, and sfaGSH, also occur. The sfaGSH transcript represents the 3 distal genes of the sfa operon, which code for the minor subunits of the S fimbriae. Analysis of the proteins in S fimbriae indicated that expression of the sfaGSH transcript provides equimolar amounts of the minor subunits. The generation of the major sfaA transcript also included the RNase E endoribonuceolytic cleavage of the precursor sfaBA transcript. The findings suggest that posttranscriptional mRNA processing events result in differential gene expression, which is required to achieve the stoichiometry necessary for fimbrial adhesin biogenesis.


DOI: 10.1128/JB.185.2.620-629.2003

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