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A morphological model of vertebral trabecular bone

, : A morphological model of vertebral trabecular bone. Journal of Biomechanics 35(8): 1101-1114, August

In their micro-structures, typical natural cellular materials such as vertebral trabecular bone have a network of doubly tapered struts, thickening near the strut joints. However, past analytical models for vertebral trabecular bone do not take account of the effect of strut taper on the mechanical properties. This paper presents an analytical cell model comprised of doubly tapered struts to predict the global mechanical properties of vertebral trabecular bone. The predicted results for male, female, and both sexes fit the experimental data well. By considering several strut taper geometries, it is shown that the horizontal Young's modulus and the horizontal uniaxial collapse stress are, in some cases, approximately 1.8- and 2.2-fold higher, respectively, than those of the uniform strut model. This finding illustrates the importance of increased trabecular thickening near the strut joints (i) for improving the accuracy of calculating the mechanical properties and (ii) for the effective treatment of aged bone using drug therapy. It also highlights the need to combine trabecular architecture measurements with information about the morphology near the strut joints.


PMID: 12126669

DOI: 10.1016/s0021-9290(02)00053-2

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