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Bone cement with reduced proportion of monomer in total hip arthroplasty: preclinical evaluation and randomized study of 47 cases with 5 years' follow-up

, : Bone cement with reduced proportion of monomer in total hip arthroplasty: preclinical evaluation and randomized study of 47 cases with 5 years' follow-up. Acta Orthopaedica Scandinavica 72(6): 572-584

Bone cement with reduced amount of monomer and low curing temperature may improve implant fixation due to reduced toxicity. We analyzed the mechanical, chemical and thermal properties of such a cement (Cemex Rx) using Palacos R as control. The in vivo performance of the 2 cements was also evaluated in a prospective randomized study of 47 hips, where either of the cement types was used to fixate Lubinus SP2 prostheses with the stem made of titanium alloy. Cemex Rx had a reduced tensile strength, probably because this cement was manually mixed, as recommended by the manufacturer. A standardized labor tory test showed lower curing temperature for Cemex, but measurements at 37 degrees and with prechilled Palacos R and Cemex Rx, as in clinical work, showed no difference. In the clinical study radiostereometric measurements of cup and stem migration showed similar values in the 2 groups up to 5 years after the operation. The cement mantle was stable in both groups, but the stems migrated similarly inside the cement mantle regardless of the type of cement used. Proximal wear was low (0.04-0.05 mm/year) and tended to be lower in the Cemex group (p = 0.02). Aluminum and vanadium levels in serum increased 5 years after the operation, but no difference was noted between the 2 groups. Collagen markers (PICP, ICTP) showed similar increases in bone turnover 6 weeks and 6 months after operation in both groups.


PMID: 11817871

DOI: 10.1080/000164701317268987

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