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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 10300

Chapter 10300 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Characterisation of the genetic variability in a herd of Jersey cattle at some polymorphic protein loci. I. Alleles and genotypes frequencies. Zhivotnov"dni Nauki 36(2): 76-80

Characterisation of the glass transition of HPMC using modulated temperature differential scanning calorimetry. International Journal of Pharmaceutics (Amsterdam) 180(1): 83-90, March 25

Characterisation of the gptA gene, encoding UDP N-acetylglucosamine: Dolichol phosphate N-acetylglucosaminylphosphoryl transferase, from the filamentous fungus, Aspergillus niger. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1619(1): 89-97, 2 January

Characterisation of the growth and differentiation in vivo and in vitro-of bloodstream-form Trypanosoma brucei strain TREU 927. Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology ruary; 112(2): 163-171

Characterisation of the growth regulating gene IMP3, a candidate for Silver-Russell syndrome. Journal of Medical Genetics 39(8): 575-581

Characterisation of the human APC1, the largest subunit of the anaphase-promoting complex. Gene (Amsterdam) 262(1-2): 51-59, 10 January

Characterisation of the human GFRalpha-3 locus and investigation of the gene in Hirschsprung disease. Journal of Medical Genetics 37(9): 674-679

Characterisation of the human and mouse orthologues of the Drosophila ariadne gene. Cytogenetics and Cell Genetics 90(3-4): 242-245

Characterisation of the human central MHC gene, BAT1: genomic structure and expression. Experimental and Clinical Immunogenetics 16(2): 98-106

Characterisation of the human plunc gene, a gene product with an upper airways and nasopharyngeal restricted expression pattern. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1493(3): 363-367, 2 October

Characterisation of the human snail (SNAI1) gene and exclusion as a major disease gene in craniosynostosis. Human Genetics 105(4): 320-326

Characterisation of the human voltage-gated potassium channel gene, KCNA7, a candidate gene for inherited cardiac disorders, and its exclusion as cause of progressive familial heart block I (PFHBI). European Journal of Human Genetics 10(1): 36-43

Characterisation of the immune response to the UK human anthrax vaccine. FEMS immunology and medical microbiology, 36(1-2): 83-86

Characterisation of the impact of aqueous industrial waste in mesocosms: biological indicators and pilot streams. Water Science and Technology 44(2-3): 135-143

Characterisation of the in vitro products of potato starch branching enzymes I and II. Carbohydrate Polymers 50(3): 249-257, 15 November

Characterisation of the influence of micronisation on the crystallinity and physical stability of revatropate hydrobromide. International Journal of Pharmaceutics (Amsterdam) 193(2): 247-259, Jan 5

Characterisation of the ionic currents in freshly isolated rat ureter smooth muscle cells: evidence for species-dependent currents. Pflugers Archiv 445(3): 444-453

Characterisation of the last Fe-S cluster-binding subunit of Neurospora crassa complex I. Biochimica et biophysica acta = International journal of biochemistry and biophysics, 1411(1): 142-146

Characterisation of the long terminal repeat regions of South African human immunodeficiency virus type 1 isolates. Virus Genes 23(1): 27-34, August

Characterisation of the lpdA gene from Neisseria meningitidis by polymerase chain reaction, restriction fragment length polymorphism and sequencing. FEMS Microbiology Letters 174(1): 191-199, May 1

Characterisation of the lumenal domain of TGN38 and effects of elevated expression of TGN38 on glycoprotein secretion. European Journal of Cell Biology 81(11): 609-621

Characterisation of the mechanical properties of polymer films formed from aqueous polymer dispersions by creep testing. International Journal of Pharmaceutics (Kidlington) 239(1-2): 143-148, 4 June

Characterisation of the mouse diabetes susceptibility locus Nidd/SJL: Islet cell destruction, interaction with the obesity QTL Nob1, and effect of dietary fat. Diabetologia 45(6): 823-830, June

Characterisation of the murine gene encoding the intracellular hyaluronan receptor IHABP (RHAMM). Gene (Amsterdam) 226(1): 41-50

Characterisation of the non-peptide nociceptin receptor agonist, Ro64-6198 in Chinese hamster ovary cells expressing recombinant human nociceptin receptors. Life Sciences 70(15): 1719-1725, March 1

Characterisation of the phosphorylation of beta-catenin at the GSK-3 priming site Ser45. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 294(2): 324-328

Characterisation of the polysaccharide produced by Acetobacter xylinum strain CR1/4 by light scattering and atomic force microscopy. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 23(4): 287-293, Nov

Characterisation of the prejunctional inhibitory muscarinic receptor on cholinergic nerves in the rat urinary bladder. European Journal of Pharmacology 413(2-3): 179-187, 16 February

Characterisation of the progression of azaserine-induced rat pancreatic adenocarcinoma by proliferative cell nuclear antigen, basement membrane laminin and trypsinogen immunohistochemistry. Histochemistry and Cell Biology 119(5): 405-413

Characterisation of the rat SK4/IK1 K(+) channel. Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry 11(4): 219-230

Characterisation of the rat heparin-binding epidermal growth factor-like growth factor gene promoter. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1492(2-3): 434-440, 24 July

Characterisation of the rheological properties and zeta potential of a range of hydroxyapatite powders. Biomaterials 21(13): 1387-1392, July

Characterisation of the rubber elongation factor from ammoniated latex by electrophoresis and mass spectrometry. Journal of Chromatography A 890(1): 145-158, 18 August

Characterisation of the soil structure and microwave backscattering based on numerical three-dimensional surface representation: Analysis with a fractional Brownian model. Remote Sensing of Environment 72(2): 159-169, May

Characterisation of the staling process of wholemeal bread. Polish Journal of Food & Nutrition Sciences 9(2): 23-28

Characterisation of the structure of ocr, the gene 0.3 protein of bacteriophage T7. Nucleic Acids Research 29(14): 3059-3068, July 15

Characterisation of the substituent distribution in hydroxypropylated potato amylopectin starch. Carbohydrate research2, 328(3): 365-373

Characterisation of the substrate specificity of homogeneous vaccinia virus uracil-DNA glycosylase. Nucleic Acids Research 31(16): 4950-4957

Characterisation of the surface energetics of milled dl-propranolol hydrochloride using inverse gas chromatography and molecular modelling. International Journal of Pharmaceutics (Amsterdam) 174(1-2): 179-186, Nov 15

Characterisation of the swimming muscles of two Subantarctic notothenioids. Scientia Marina 63(Suppl 1): 477-484, Dec

Characterisation of the temporal sequence of osteoblast gene expression during estrogen-induced osteogenesis in female mice. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry 82(4): 683-691

Characterisation of the transient outward K+ current in rabbit sinoatrial node cells. Cardiovascular Research 46(3): 433-441

Characterisation of the tumour necrosis factor (TNF)-(alpha) response elements in the human ICAM-2 promoter. Journal of Cell Science 112: 4695-4703

Characterisation of thermotolerant, ethanol tolerant fermentative Saccharomyces cerevisiae for ethanol production. Bioprocess Engineering 22(3): 243-246, March

Characterisation of three novel cationic lipids as liposomal complexes with DNA. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1466(1-2): 289-305, 1 June

Characterisation of three-dimensional anatomic shapes using principal components: Application to the proximal tibia. Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing 38(1): 9-16, Jan

Characterisation of thymus-derived regulatory T cells that protect against organ-specific autoimmune disease. Microbes & Infection 3(11): 905-910, September

Characterisation of tissue-specific oligosaccharides from rat brain and kidney membrane preparations enriched in Na+,K+-ATPase. Glycoconjugate Journal 16(8): 437-456, Aug

Characterisation of transcriptionally active and inactive chromatin domains in neurons. Journal of Cell Science 113 Pt 24: 4463-4474

Characterisation of transcripts from the human cytomegalovirus genes TRL7, UL20a, UL36, UL65, UL94, US3 and US34. Virus Genes 24(1): 39-48, January

Characterisation of triacylglycerol hydrolase activities in human placenta. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1394(2-3): 169-176, Nov 2

Characterisation of trickling filter effluent by particle size distribution and high performance size exclusion chromatography. Water Research 33(6): 1415-1424, April

Characterisation of troponin-T from salmonid fish. Journal of Muscle Research & Cell Motility 20(3): 315-324, April

Characterisation of tumour infiltrating lymphocytes and correlations with immunological surface molecules in colorectal cancer. European Journal of Cancer 35(5): 721-726, May

Characterisation of tumour-associated antigens in colon cancer. Cancer Immunology, ImmunoTherapy 51(10): 574-582

Characterisation of two 14-3-3 genes from Trichoderma reesei: Interactions with yeast secretory pathway components. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1590(1-3): 27-40, 12 June

Characterisation of two desiccation-stress related cDNAs TrDr1 and TrDr2 in the resurrection moss Tortula ruralis. South African Journal of Botany 68(4): 545-548, December

Characterisation of two metallothionein cDNAs from the shore crab for use as biomarkers of heavy metal pollution. Ecotoxicology 8(6): 485-493, December

Characterisation of two mutations in the ABCD1 gene leading to low levels of normal ALDP. Human Genetics 109(6): 616-622

Characterisation of two new gene cassettes, aadA5 and dfrA17. FEMS Microbiology Letters 182(2): 265-269, Jan 15

Characterisation of two serine protease inhibitors expressed in the pituitary gland. Archives of Physiology and Biochemistry 110(1-2): 26-33

Characterisation of two snail genes in the gastropod mollusc Patella vulgata. Implications for understanding the ancestral function of the snail-related genes in Bilateria. Development Genes and Evolution 212(4): 186-195

Characterisation of urban runoff pollution in Paris. Water Science & Technology 39(2): 1-8, Jan

Characterisation of uveitis in patients with psoriatic arthritis. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 59(1): 67-70

Characterisation of vaccine-derived polioviruses isolated from sewage and river water in Japan. Lancet 356(9240): 1461-1463

Characterisation of variant alleles at the HumD21S11 locus implies unique Australasian genotypes and re-classification of nomenclature guidelines. Forensic Science International 135(1): 35-41, July 29th

Characterisation of variant forms of prophenin: mechanistic aspects of the fragmentation of proline-rich peptides. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 14(23): 2182-2202

Characterisation of various geographical origin incense based on chemical criteria. Analusis 28(3): 233-237, April

Characterisation of vasopressin V1A, angiotensin AT1 and AT2 receptor distribution and density in normotensive and hypertensive rat brain stem and kidney: Effects of restraint stress. Brain Research 883(1): 148-156, 10 November

Characterisation of volatile compounds produced by bacteria isolated from the spoilage flora of cold-smoked salmon. International journal of food microbiology5, 66(3): 175-184

Characterisation of vortex shedding in vascular anstomosis models using pulsed Doppler ultrasound. Journal of Biomechanics 32(7): 639-645, July

Characterisation of wastewater using an electronic nose. Water Research 33(2): 442-452, Feb

Characterisation of water behaviour in cellulose ether polymers using low frequency dielectric spectroscopy. International Journal of Pharmaceutics (Kidlington) 243(1-2): 57-69, 28 August

Characterisation of weed management in different farming systems compared to the costs, the energy input, the environmental risk due to herbicides and the field vegetation. Zeitschrift fuer Pflanzenkrankheiten und Pflanzenschutz (Special Iss.17): 725-734

Characterisation of whiskeys using solid-phase microextraction with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Journal of Chromatography A 896(1-2): 351-359, 27 October

Characterisation of white vinegars of different sources with artificial neural networks. Journal of the Science of Food & Agriculture 78(3): 417-422, Nov

Characterisation of xanthan gum solutions using dynamic light scattering and rheology. Carbohydrate Polymers 42(2): 159-174, June

Characterisation of xylan-type polysaccharides and associated cell wall components by FT-IR and FT-Raman spectroscopies. Food Hydrocolloids 13(1): 35-41, Jan

Characterisation of zinc metallothioneins by electroanalytical techniques. Analytica Chimica Acta 385(1-3): 295-306, April 5

Characterisation using FLIPR of human vanilloid VR1 receptor pharmacology. European Journal of Pharmacology 417(1-2): 51-58, 6 April

Characterisation using microphysiometry of CRF receptor pharmacology. European Journal of Pharmacology 379(2-3): 229-235, Aug 27

Characterisation with stable isotopes of the presence of a lag phase in the gastric emptying of liquids. European Journal of Nutrition 39(5): 224-228, October

Characterisation, cloning and sequencing of a conformation-dependent monoclonal antibody to the alphaIIbbeta3 integrin: interest for use in thrombus detection. Platelets 12(7): 395-405

Characterisation, genome size and genetic manipulation of the myxobacterium Sorangium cellulosum So ce56. Archives of Microbiology 178(6): 484-492

Characterisation, phenotypic manifestations and X-inactivation pattern in 14 patients with X-autosome translocations. Clinical Genetics 55(5): 362-366, May

Characterisation, validation and comparison of three methods for the extraction of phosphate from sediments. Analytica Chimica Acta 376(2): 183-195, Dec 11

Characterising an interaction between coastal bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) and the spot gillnet fishery in southeastern North Carolina, USA. Journal of Cetacean Research and Management 3(3): 293-303

Characterising doctor-parent communication in counselling for impending preterm delivery. Archives of Disease in Childhood. Fetal and Neonatal Edition 87(2): F113-F117

Characterising psychosis in the Australian National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing Study on Low Prevalence (psychotic) Disorders. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry 34(5): 792-800

Characterising respiratory airway gas mixing using a lumped parameter model of the pulmonary acinus. Respiration Physiology 127(2-3): 241-248, September

Characterising sclerophylly: Some mechanical properties of leaves from heath and forest. Oecologia (Berlin) 123(2): 158-167, May

Characterising seasonal variations and spatial distribution of ambient PM10 and PM2.5 concentrations based on long-term Swiss monitoring data. Atmospheric Environment 37(19): 2571-2580, June

Characterising temporal delay filters in biological motion detectors. Vision Research 41(18): 2311-2323, August

Characterising the clarification of the supernatant of activated sludges. Water Research 33(11): 2527-2534, Aug

Characterising willows for biomass and phytoremediation: Growth, nitrogen and water use of 14 willow clones under different irrigation and fertilisation regimes. Biomass and Bioenergy 23(6): 397-413

Characteristic EEG findings in ring 20 syndrome as a diagnostic clue. Electroencephalography & Clinical Neurophysiology 107(4): 258-262, Oct

Characteristic MR lesion pattern and correlation of T1 and T2 lesion volume with neurologic and neuropsychological findings in cerebral autosomal dominant arteriopathy with subcortical infarcts and leukoencephalopathy (CADASIL). Ajnr. American Journal of Neuroradiology 20(1): 91-100

Characteristic and controlled release of anticancer drug loaded poly (D,L-lactide) microparticles prepared by spray drying technique. Journal of Microencapsulation 18(6): 733-747

Characteristic association between K-ras gene mutation with loss of heterozygosity in X-ray-induced thymic lymphomas of the B6C3F1 mouse. International Journal of Radiation Biology 77(4): 465-473

Characteristic attributes in cancer microarrays. Journal of Biomedical Informatics 35(2): 111-122, April

Characteristic brain distribution of 1-(14)C-octanoate in a rat model of focal cerebral ischemia in comparison with those of (123)I-IMP and (123)I-iomazenil. Journal of Nuclear Medicine 44(7): 1168-1175

Characteristic cardiovascular manifestation in homozygous and heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia. American Heart Journal 137(3): 410-418, March

Characteristic change of several forest landscapes between 1896 and 1986 in Heilongjiang Province. Acta Botanica Sinica 42(9): 979-984, Sep

Characteristic change of urinary elastin peptides and desmosine in the aortic aneurysm. Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin 22(8): 854-857

Characteristic changes in T2-value, apparent diffusion coefficient, and ultrastructure of substantia nigra evolving exofocal postischemic neuronal death in rats. Brain Research 895(1-2): 238-244, 23 March

Characteristic changes in carbohydrate profile in the kidneys of hereditary nephrotic mice (ICGN strain). Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 62(4): 379-390

Characteristic changes of stress protein expression in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. Life Sciences 69(22): 2603-2609, October 19

Characteristic changes of the S2/S1 difference FTIR spectrum induced by Ca2+ depletion and metal cation substitution in the photosynthetic oxygen-evolving complex. Biochemistry 41(18): 5844-5853

Characteristic chromosomal imbalances in primary central nervous system lymphomas of the diffuse large B-cell type. Brain Pathology 10(1): 73-84, Jan

Characteristic clinical findings of reversible left ventricular dysfunction. Internal Medicine 41(10): 789-792

Characteristic cytokine generation patterns in cancer cells and infiltrating lymphocytes in oral squamous cell carcinomas and the influence of chemoradiation combined with immunotherapy on these patterns. Oncology 64(4): 407-415

Characteristic cytokine products of Th1 and Th2 cells in hemodialysis patients. Nephron 83(3): 237-245

Characteristic developmental expression of amyloid beta40, 42 and 43 in patients with Down syndrome. Brain & Development 25(3): 180-185

Characteristic distribution of HTLV type I and HTLV type II carriers among native ethnic groups in South America. Aids Research and Human Retroviruses 15(14): 1235-1239

Characteristic distribution of gap junctions in rat lacrimal gland in vivo and reconstruction of a gap junction in an in vitro model. Journal of Electron Microscopy 51(1): 35-44

Characteristic distribution of polysaccharides in liver tissue. Yakuzaigaku 60(3): 183-195, September

Characteristic duodenal lesions in patients with amyloidosis. Stomach & Intestine (Tokyo) 37(6): 809-817, May

Characteristic effects of alpha1-beta1,2-adrenergic blocking agent, carvedilol, on (Ca2+)i in ventricular myocytes compared with those of timolol and atenolol. Circulation Journal 67(1): 83-90

Characteristic elevation of matrix metalloproteinase activity in idiopathic interstitial pneumonias. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 162(5): 1949-1956

Characteristic evaluation of lactic acid bacteria collections based on the bacteriocin productivity. Report of National Food Research Institute (66): 15-20, March

Characteristic expression of 105-kDa heat shock protein (HSP105) in various tissues of nonstressed and heat-stressed rats. Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin 21(9): 905-910

Characteristic expression of Hck in human B-cell precursors. Experimental Hematology (Charlottesville) 28(1): 55-64, Jan

Characteristic expression of three genes, msr(A), mph(C) and erm(Y), that confer resistance to macrolide antibiotics on Staphylococcus aureus. FEMS Microbiology Letters 220(2): 287-293

Characteristic expression of thrombomodulin in the muscle sarcoplasm in patients with the acute phase of rhabdomyolysis. European Neurology 43(3): 174-180

Characteristic features in structure of soddy-podzolic soil profile with long-term application of high doses of mineral and organic fertilizers. Izvestiya Timiryazevskoi Sel'skokhozyaistvennoi Akademii 0(4): 61-69, Oct -Dec

Characteristic features of EEG spectral characteristics in persons with deviant sexual behavior. Fiziologiya Cheloveka 29(3): 22-32, May-June

Characteristic features of Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy in women. Rinsho Ganka 57(4): 427-430, April

Characteristic features of Muravian (Eemian) pollen succession from various regions of Belarus. Acta Palaeobotanica 41(1): 27-41

Characteristic features of accumulation of abscisic acid in submerged cultures of Cercospora rosicola Pass. Prikladnaya Biokhimiya i Mikrobiologiya 35(4): 437-440, July-Aug

Characteristic features of embryogenesis and oogenesis in the beetles Adalia bipunctata L. and Harmonia axyridis Pall. in all-female families. Ontogenez 31(1): 57-62, Jan -Feb

Characteristic features of malignant lymphoma with central nervous system involvement. Surgical Neurology 53(2): 163-167, Feb

Characteristic features of submucosal invasive colon cancer and its lymph node metastasis. Stomach & Intestine (Tokyo) 34(6): 780-784, May

Characteristic features of suicidal drownings: a 20-year study. American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology 22(2): 134-138

Characteristic features of the gene pool Russian old believers from Siberia assessed by studying the polymorphism of blood groups, isozymes, and serum proteins. Genetika 34(4): 535-543, April

Characteristic features of the genotype and phenotype of hereditary spherocytosis in the Japanese population. International Journal of Hematology 71(2): 118-135

Characteristic features of the induced mutagenesis in hybrid dysgenesis systems of Drosophila melanogaster. Genetika 38(10): 1351-1356, October

Characteristic features of the vascular plant flora in the West Sayan (its north-east part). Botanicheskii Zhurnal (Stsburg). 1999; 84(5): 95-101

Characteristic findings of body surface potential map during ventricular repolarization in patients with coronary heart disease. Japanese Heart Journal 40(4): 391-404

Characteristic form of standing up from squatting in Miyoshi's distal muscular dystrophy. Clinical Neurology & Neurosurgery 101(4): 249-252, Dec

Characteristic gastrointestinal tract lesions in patients with primary and secondary amyloidosis. Stomach and Intestine (Tokyo) 38(4): 611-618

Characteristic gene expression profile of primary human cerebral endothelial cells. Faseb Journal 16(6): 589-591

Characteristic glucuronidation pattern of physiologic concentration of morphine in rat brain. Life Sciences 67(20): 2453-2464, October 6

Characteristic growth of human choriocarcinoma xenografts in nude mice. Placenta 20(7): 547-553

Characteristic hydrogen concentrations for various redox processes in batch study. Journal of Environmental Science & Health Part A Toxic-Hazardous Substances & Environmental Engineering A36(9): 1725-1734, October

Characteristic images of deeply infiltrating rectosigmoid endometriosis on transvaginal and transrectal ultrasonography. Human Reproduction 18(6): 1328-1333

Characteristic intraepidermal nerve fibre endings of the intervibrissal fur in the mystacial pad of the rat: Morphological details revealed by intravital methylene blue staining and the zinc iodide-osmium tetroxide technique. Journal of Anatomy 195(1): 147-152, July

Characteristic loss of heterozygosity in chromosome 3P and low frequency of replication errors in sporadic renal cell carcinoma. Journal of Urology 162(2): 614-618, Aug

Characteristic magnetic resonance imaging for neurological assessment in HELLP syndrome with eclampsia: a case report. Hiroshima Journal of Medical Sciences 50(1): 37-40

Characteristic matrix and tubular basement membrane abnormalities in the CBA/Ca-kdkd mouse model of hereditary tubulointerstitial disease. Nephron 80(3): 305-313

Characteristic neuroimaging findings in patients with diabetes and the 8296 mitochondrial tRNALys. Diabetologia 42(10): 1266-1267

Characteristic number size distribution of aerosol during Asian dust period in Korea. Atmospheric Environment 35(15): 2715-2721, May

Characteristic of Cl- current induced by ATP in bovine aortic endothelial cells. Drug Development Research 58(1): 53-56, January

Characteristic of Glycyrrhiza korshinskyi Grig. coenopopulations in the South-East of Bashkortostan Republic. Rastitel'nye Resursy 37(2): 24-29

Characteristic of children with attention deficiency-hyperactivity syndrome. Pediatriya (Moscow) (2): 40-42, March-April

Characteristic of immune response on adsorbed pertussis: Diphtheria-tetanus vaccine and live measles vaccine in healthy children and children with iron deficiency in dependence on HLA DR phenotype. Pediatriya (Moscow) (6): 30-32, Nov -Dec

Characteristic of microflora and antibiotic-resistance of microorganisms in neonates with high risk of intrauterine contamination. Pediatriya (Moscow) (3): 14-17, May-June

Characteristic of sulfur absorption of high oil maize, high starch maize and effect of sulfur application on its yield and quality. Xibei Zhiwu Xuebao 22(1): 97-103, Jan

Characteristic of the adaptive response to ionizing radiation induced by low doses of 14C-thymidine to Chinese hamster cells. Radiatsionnaya Biologiya Radioekologiya 38(5): 663-671, Sept -Oct

Characteristic of the basic reproductive qualities of Belgium Landrace pigs. Zhivotnov"dni Nauki 35(4): 25-29

Characteristic of the soils and habitats in the park of Sunny Beach resort. Nauka za Gorata 38(3-4): 39-51

Characteristic pattern of genetic aberrations in ovarian granulosa cell tumors. Modern Pathology 15(9): 951-957

Characteristic perforin gene mutations of haemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis patients in Japan. British Journal of Haematology 121(3): 503-510, May

Characteristic prenatal ultrasonographic findings of patent urachus: a case report. Journal of Nippon Medical School 70(2): 172-174

Characteristic properties connected with age in oxygen regimes of the body and in condition of functional respiratory system of race horses. Izvestiya Timiryazevskoi Sel'skokhozyaistvennoi Akademii (2): 141-149, April-June

Characteristic properties in fermentative activity of soils and plants under conditions of erosive stress. Izvestiya Timiryazevskoi Sel'skokhozyaistvennoi Akademii (2): 50-65, April-June

Characteristic properties in growth and development of brewer's barley new varieties depending on seeding rates, dates of sowing and depth of seed covering. Izvestiya Timiryazevskoi Sel'skokhozyaistvennoi Akademii 0(1): 41-50, Jan -March

Characteristic properties of constructing perennial grass stands. Izvestiya Timiryazevskoi Sel'skokhozyaistvennoi Akademii (3): 22-33, July-Sept

Characteristic properties of passing phenophases in varieties and hybrids of pear selected in Timiryazev Agricultural Academy in connection with weather conditions. Izvestiya Timiryazevskoi Sel'skokhozyaistvennoi Akademii (3): 125-136, July-Sept

Characteristic reactions and properties of C-apical O-equatorial (O-cis) spirophosphoranes: effect of the sigma(P)(-)(O) orbital in the equatorial plane and isolation of a hexacoordinate oxaphosphetane as an intermediate of the Wittig type reaction of 10-P-5 phosphoranes. Journal of the American Chemical Society 124(44): 13154-13170

Characteristic regional cerebral blood flow patterns in anorexia nervosa patients with binge/purge behavior. American Journal of Psychiatry 157(9): 1520-1522

Characteristic sequence pattern in the 5- to 20-bp upstream region of primate Alu elements. Journal of Molecular Evolution 50(3): 232-237, March

Characteristic spectral studies and in vitro antimicrobial and in vivo multi-infection antifungal activities in mice of new organotin(IV) derivatives of heterocyclic amino acids. Applied Organometallic Chemistry 13(1): 29-37

Characteristic sporomorphs of the Elaterates Province in the Cenomanian of Bohemia (Central Europe): Comparison with the Mid-Cretaceous of Egypt (northern East Africa). Acta Palaeobotanica Supplementum (2): 159-165

Characteristic stereostructures and regioselectivity of biogenic pathway of FPTase inhibition materials isolated from Artemisia sylvatica. Agricultural Chemistry & Biotechnology 45(4): 223-227, November

Characteristic structural features of schistosome cercarial N-glycans: expression of Lewis X and core xylosylation. Glycobiology 11(2): 149-163

Characteristic subjective experiences of schizophrenia. Schizophrenia Bulletin 26(4): 921-931

Characteristic substructures and properties in chemical carcinogens studied by the cascade model. Bioinformatics 19(10): 1208-1215

Characteristic trichomes of artificial hybrids in Quercus species (III). Journal of Korean Forestry Society 90(1): 19-27

Characteristic urine organic acid profile in peroxisomal biogenesis disorders. Journal of Inherited Metabolic Disease 23(4): 425-428

Characteristics after cataract extraction or secondary lens implantation among patients screened for the endophthalmitis vitrectomy study. Ophthalmology 107(7): 1274-1282, July

Characteristics and 1-year prognosis of medically treated patients with chronic heart failure in Japan: Chronic heart failure analysis registry in Tohoku district (CHART). Circulation Journal 67(5): 431-436

Characteristics and action pattern of alpha-galactosidase from Scopulariopsis brevicaulis in Korean Traditional Meju. Hanguk Nongwhahak Hoechi 41(7): 489-495, Dec

Characteristics and adequacy of intravenous morphine infusions in children in a paediatric oncology setting. Medical and Pediatric Oncology 40(4): 233-238

Characteristics and age of the Dingqing Ophiolite in Xizang (Tibet) and their geological significance. Acta Micropalaeontologica Sinica 19(4): 417-420

Characteristics and applications of nucleic acid sequence-based amplification (NASBA). Molecular Biotechnology 20(2): 163-179

Characteristics and association with disease of two major subclones of Shiga toxin (Verocytotoxin)-producing strains of Escherichia coli (STEC) O157 that are present among isolates from patients in Germany. Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease 44(4): 337-346

Characteristics and attitudes of parents of children born with the use of assisted reproductive technology. Fertility & Sterility 70(5): 860-865, Nov

Characteristics and clinical application of a treatment simulator with Ct-option. Radiotherapy & Oncology 50(3): 355-366, March

Characteristics and comparative study of chlorophyll-protein complexes from siphonous green algae. Acta Botanica Sinica 42(10): 1019-1025, Oct

Characteristics and composition of the vitamin K-dependent gamma-glutamyl carboxylase-binding domain on osteocalcin. Biochemical Journal 364(Pt 1): 323-328

Characteristics and consequences of free-feeding ethanol ingestion during the first two postnatal weeks of the rat. Alcoholism Clinical & Experimental Research 22(8): 1615-1622, Nov

Characteristics and consequences of movement patterns of King George whiting (Perciformes: Sillaginodes punctata) in South Australia. Marine and Freshwater Research 53(7): 1055-1069

Characteristics and conservation priority of rare and endangered plants in the Yangtse River valley. Acta Botanica Sinica 41(9): 1010-1015, Sept

Characteristics and conservation priority of threatened plants in the Yangtze valley. Biodiversity & Conservation 12(1): 65-72, January

Characteristics and course of small hepatocellular carcinomas in patients with hepatitis C virus types 1 and 2. Journal of Medical Virology 63(2): 120-127, February

Characteristics and course of urinary tract dysfunction after acute transverse myelitis in childhood. Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology 43(7): 473-475, July

Characteristics and diagnostic significance of spontaneous wheezing in children with asthma: Results of continuous in vivo sound recording. Journal of Asthma 36(4): 351-358, June

Characteristics and distribution of endogenous RFamide-related peptide-1. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1540(3): 221-232, 26 September

Characteristics and disturbance status of gaps in subalpine fir forest in southeast Tibet. Ying Yong Sheng Tai Xue Bao 13(7): 777-780

Characteristics and dynamics of macrophageal morphofunctional activity recovery in irradiated recipients after myelotransplantation. Gematologiya i Transfuziologiya 44(5): 13-18, Sept -Oct

Characteristics and energetic strategies of the rhizosphere in ecosystems of the Bornhoeved Lake district. Applied Soil Ecology 15(2): 201-210, October

Characteristics and environmental significance of soil dissolved organic matter. Ying Yong Sheng Tai Xue Bao 14(1): 126-130

Characteristics and etiology of exercise-related transient abdominal pain. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 32(2): 432-438

Characteristics and fates of soluble microbial products in ceramic membrane bioreactor at various sludge retention times. Water Research 37(1): 121-127, January

Characteristics and formation causes of Qingdao Cold Water Mass. Chinese Journal of Oceanology and Limnology 20(4): 303-308

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