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Ectopic ureterocele: Results of open surgical therapy in 40 patients

, : Ectopic ureterocele: Results of open surgical therapy in 40 patients. Journal of Urology 164(6): 2040-2044, December

Purpose: The treatment of ectopic ureterocele is controversial. In addition to debate on optimal therapy, discussion exists on whether there is further risk of deteriorating bladder function after extensive bladder surgery during the first year of life, which is a reason to postpone surgery. In a prospective nonrandomized trial we treated 40 patients regardless of age who had ectopic ureterocele with complete surgical reconstruction of the lower urinary tract and upper pole resection of poorly functioning upper pole moieties at referral. Excluded from study were 3 patients with only 1 affected renal moiety initially. Materials and Methods: We treated 31 female and 9 male patients 0 to 8.8 years old (mean age 2.17) at surgery for ectopic ureterocele extending into the bladder neck and urethra, including 19 younger than 1 year. Primary ureterocele excision was performed in 37 cases with reconstruction of the urethra, bladder neck and trigone, and ureteral reimplantation. Because of small ureterocele size, the ureterocele was left in situ in 3 patients, leading to secondary ureterocele removal due to obstructive voiding and urinary incontinence in 1 each. A staged procedure in 5 neonates involved primary lower urinary tract reconstruction with upper pole cutaneous ureterostomies followed by upper pole resection or ureteral reimplantation a few months later. After bladder neck reconstruction in 16 cases colposuspension was also done to create a normal vesicourethral angle. All patients underwent clinical and urodynamic evaluation at least 1.25 years after surgery (mean followup 5.59). Patients who were too young for the clinical assessment of continence by January 1999 were excluded from study. Results: All patients are continent. A secondary endoscopic procedure was required in 13 cases, including cystoscopy only in 2, scar incision near the ureteral orifice in 3, endoscopic reflux treatment in 4, ureterocele remnant resection in 2 and bladder neck incision for obstructive voiding in 2. Secondary open bladder reconstruction was performed in another case due to a diverticulum. Postoperatively only 1 or 2 uncomplicated episodes of urinary tract infection developed in 11 patients, while there were recurrent urinary tract infections in 4. In a patient with a preexisting loss of renal function a severe infection led to renal scarring. The voiding pattern was normal in 29 patients but 11 had dysfunctional voiding, including 5 with recurrent urinary tract infection. Urodynamic followup confirmed these clinical findings. Bladder capacity in these patients was relatively high at an average of 124% of expected capacity for age. We noted no statistically significant difference in followup parameters in patients who underwent surgery before and after age 1 year. Additional colposuspension in 16 patients did not result in any significant change in outcome compared with that in patients without this procedure. Conclusions: When compared with results in the literature, complete primary lower urinary tract reconstruction in patients with ectopic ureterocele appears to have better results than a staged approach with initial endoscopic treatment. Moreover, our study provides no proof that extensive reconstructive bladder surgery in neonates and infants leads to bladder function deterioration at a later age.


PMID: 11061921

DOI: 10.1016/s0022-5347(05)66961-3

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