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Efecto de Tetraselmis chuii, Nannochloris oculata y Dunaliella salina sobre el crecimiento poblacional de Apocyclops distans (Copepoda, Cyclopoidae) en diferentes condiciones de temperaturas e iluminacion

, : Efecto de Tetraselmis chuii, Nannochloris oculata y Dunaliella salina sobre el crecimiento poblacional de Apocyclops distans (Copepoda, Cyclopoidae) en diferentes condiciones de temperaturas e iluminacion. Revista de Biologia Marina y Oceanografia 36(2): 189-197

Several experiments were conduced to determine the effect of the microalgae Tetraselmis chuii, Nannochloris oculata and Dunaliella salina on the population growth of Apocyclops distans (Kiefer, 1956) at different temperature and light conditions. During 10 days A. distans (5 ind/mL) was cultured in tested tubes (540) containing 5 mL of seawater inoculated with the microalgae last mencionated as unialgal diets, at natural temperature (26-33.8[degree]C) and lab temperature (22[plus or minus]1[degree]C) under three light conditions, photoperiod (12 h light: 12 h dark), dark and continuos light; each was triplicated. The maximum value of nauplii (105.33[plus or minus]48.58/5mL) and copepodits production (25.33[plus or minus]11.93/5mL) was obtained in dark and natural temperature at the third day and natural photoperiod and temperature to sixth culture day respectively using T. chuii. The statistical analysis showed that temperature was the most important fact in the nauplii production with T. chuii and photoperiod and diet on the copepodits production. The highest average value of adult females carrying not eggs (26.66[plus or minus]36.66/5mL) and adult females carrying eggs (9.66[plus or minus]5.50/5mL) was attained at the sixth day under natural temperature and third culture day under natural temperature and dark respectively, with T. chuii. The maximum average value of liberated eggs mass (27.33[plus or minus]17.92/5mL) was produced at natural temperature with N. oculata, the light was not significant (P[ltoreq]0.01). The highest total number of copepods attained was 132.66[plus or minus]34.00/5mL under dark and natural temperature at the third day with T. chuii. The results obtained with D. salina were not significant on the population growth of A. distans (P[ltoreq]0.05). It was concluded that A. distans obtained a complete development and to prefer T. chuii, the highest volume and mobility of three microalgae used N. oculata and D. salina microalgae produced the lowest total copepods number average values, although they permitted the complete development of A. distans.


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