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Efecto de diferentes antifungicos comerciales frente a levaduras tipo no-Saccharomyces aisladas durante la fermentacion alcoholica de mosto de uva

, : Efecto de diferentes antifungicos comerciales frente a levaduras tipo no-Saccharomyces aisladas durante la fermentacion alcoholica de mosto de uva. Alimentaria 39(337): 159-161

Antifungi are products used during the culture of the grapevine to eliminate or to prevent the presence with pathogens fungi in the culture of the grapevine. These products remain in the surface of the grapes and can be detected in the must elaborated for later alcoholic fermentation. Non-Saccharomyces yeast appear in first stage of alcoholic fermentation of the grape must and they are possible generally to be isolated of the surface of the grape and the wine.


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