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Efeito da adubacao a base de esterco de galinha poedeira sobre a populacao de Meloidogyne incognita no solo

, : Efeito da adubacao a base de esterco de galinha poedeira sobre a populacao de Meloidogyne incognita no solo. Nematologia Brasileira ho; 24(1): 59-63

A possible effect on Meloidogyne incognita population of adding fresh dung from laying hens was investigated, after subjecting dung to a biodigestor for 45 days. Soil in 4-liter pots received one 'Santa Cruz' tomato plant per pot and each was later infested with 2,500 M. incognita eggs. This was followed by addition to the soil (30 g/pot) of (1) distilled water (control); (2) fresh dung from laying hens; (3) concentrated effluent after 45 days of biodigestion; (4) 1:1 or (5) 1:2 concentrated biodigestor effluent in water. Galls and eggs were counted on tomato roots 45 days later, all pots being kept in a greenhouse. Number of galls was significantly (P[<]0.05) lower in regard to control when the concentrated effluent was used, and egg number decreased significantly (P[<]0.05) when the concentrated effluent was used diluted 1:1 v:v or undiluted. Soluble toxic substance(s) from anaerobiosis may be responsible for the deleterious effects on the nematodes.


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