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Effects of PB2+ on root growth, cell division, and nucleolus of Brassica juncea L

, : Effects of PB2+ on root growth, cell division, and nucleolus of Brassica juncea L. Israel Journal of Plant Sciences 47(3): 153-156

The effects of different concentrations (10-5-10-2 M) of lead nitrate on root growth and nucleoli in root tip cells of Brassica juncea L. were investigated. The results showed that lead nitrate has a stimulatory effect on root growth at lower concentrations, and an inhibitory effect at higher concentrations. Pb has toxic effects on chromosomal morphology, including c-mitosis and anaphase bridges, and on nucleoli, causing some particulate silver-stained material scattered in the nuclei and inducing irregularly shaped nucleoli. Once the nucleolus was affected, the root growth almost or completely stopped.


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