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Effects of bicarbonate ion on chick retinal pigment epithelium: Membrane potentials and light-evoked responses

, : Effects of bicarbonate ion on chick retinal pigment epithelium: Membrane potentials and light-evoked responses. Vision Research 39(1): 159-167, Jan

The purpose of this study was to determine how changes in (HCO3-) alter the electrical properties of the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE). Experiments were conducted on the isolated chick retina-RPE-choroid preparation. The chamber holding the preparation allowed independent perfusion of the retinal and the choroidal surfaces. The light-evoked trans-tissue potential (TTP), the trans-epithelial potential (TEP), the trans-retinal potentials, and the intracellularly-recorded apical and basal membrane potentials were studied. Increasing the (HCO3-)o in the choroidal bath from 25 to 40 mEq/l led to an increase in the TTP and TEP. The same change in the retinal bath decreased the TTP because of a biphasic change of the R.PE membrane potentials. There was also an increase in the amplitudes of the TEP, the c-wave and the slow PIII. The light-evoked subretinal K+ decrease was greater which is consistent with an increase in the photoreceptor light response. These observations indicated that the decrease of TTP resulted from a basal membrane hyperpolarization followed by an apical membrane depolarization induced by an increase in retinal (HCO3-)o. The relationship of these potential changes to the human bicarbonate responses is discussed.


PMID: 10211403

DOI: 10.1016/s0042-6989(98)00138-2

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