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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 10620

Chapter 10620 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Evaluation of the antioxidant effect of melatonin by flow injection analysis-luminol chemiluminescence. Pharmacological Research 48(4): 361-367, October

Evaluation of the antioxidant potential of natural food/plant extracts as compared with synthetic antioxidants and vitamin E in raw and cooked pork patties. Meat Science 58(1): 45-52, May

Evaluation of the antiradical and reducing properties of selected Greek white wines: Correlation with polyphenolic composition. Journal of the Science of Food & Agriculture 82(9): 1014-1020, July

Evaluation of the antitumor activity of 1-(3-C-ethynyl-beta-D-ribofuranosyl) (PJ272), a recent ribonucleoside analogue. Anticancer Research 20(3a): 1739-1742

Evaluation of the antitumour activity of liposomal formulations of etoposide against choriocarcinoma xenografts in Balb/c nu/nu mice. Pharmacy & Pharmacology Communications 5(10): 595-598, Oct

Evaluation of the antiulcer activity of cromakalim, a potassium channel opener, in experimentally induced acute and chronic gastric ulcers. Indian Journal of Pharmacology 30(6): 379-384, Dec

Evaluation of the antiulcerogenic activity of violacein and its modulation by the inclusion complexation with beta-cyclodextrin. Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology 81(4): 387-396

Evaluation of the antiulcerogenic effect of the flowering herbs of Hypericum perforatum L. Journal of Faculty of Pharmacy of Gazi University 15(2): 77-83

Evaluation of the antiviral activity of natural sulfated polyhydroxysteroids and their synthetic derivatives and analogs. Steroids 64(5): 335-340, May

Evaluation of the anxiolytic-like effects of Cecropia glazioui Sneth in mice. Pharmacology Biochemistry & Behavior 71(1-2): 183-190, January-February

Evaluation of the apo E genotyping kit on the LightCycler. Clinical Chemistry 46(5): 722-724

Evaluation of the applicability of HRT as a preservative of muscle strength in women. Maturitas 36(1): 49-61, July 31

Evaluation of the applicability of infrared and thermistor-thermometry in thermophysiology research. Tropical Medicine 41(3): 133-142, Sept

Evaluation of the applicability of the bacterial endotoxin test to antibiotic products. Biologicals 28(3): 155-167

Evaluation of the applicability of the gastric carcinoma risk index for intestinal type cancer in Japanese patients infected with Helicobacter pylori. Virchows Archiv 436(6): 585-587, June

Evaluation of the appropriateness of hospital care in internal medicine: Reliability of a German adaptation of the Appropriateness Evaluation Protocol. DMW Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift 125(30): 894-899, 28 Juli

Evaluation of the aromatase inhibitor fadrozole in a short-term reproduction assay with the fathead minnow (Pimephales promelas). Toxicological Sciences 67(1): 121-130

Evaluation of the arrhythmic risk in patients with heart failure. Annales de Cardiologie et d'Angeiologie 48(4): 258-263, April

Evaluation of the arrhythmogenecity of stress-induced Takotsubo cardiomyopathy from the time course of the 12-lead surface electrocardiogram. American Journal of Cardiology 92(2): 230-233, July 15

Evaluation of the association between St. John's wort and elevated thyroid-stimulating hormone. Pharmacotherapy 21(12): 1574-1578, December

Evaluation of the association of autoantibodies with mortality in the very elderly: a cohort study. Rheumatology 42(2): 357-361

Evaluation of the association of lysine clonixinate plus propinox in severe acute colic abdominal pain. Prensa Medica Argentina 85(10): 1146-1150, Dec

Evaluation of the atherogenic tendency of lipids and lipoprotein content and their relationships with oxidant-antioxidant system in patients with psoriasis. Clinica Chimica Acta 328(1-2): 71-82, February

Evaluation of the atmospheric transport model NIRE-CTM-96 by using measured radon-222 concentrations. Tellus Series B Chemical & Physical Meteorology 54B(3): 250-268, July

Evaluation of the atrial natriuretic peptide gene in stroke. Atherosclerosis 163(2): 279-286, August

Evaluation of the attention capacity in 10,000 school children (8 to 11 years old). Archives de Pediatrie 6(4): 406-415

Evaluation of the auto continuous positive airway pressure efficacy by upper airway pressure measurement. Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences 53(2): 327-329

Evaluation of the autoinduction of ifosfamide metabolism by a population pharmacokinetic approach using NONMEM. British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 49(6): 555-561, June

Evaluation of the automated coagulation analyzer SYSMEX CA 6000. Thrombosis Research 96(1): 65-71, Oct 1

Evaluation of the automatic fluorescent image analyzer, Image Titer, for quantitative analysis of antinuclear antibodies. American Journal of Clinical Pathology 115(3): 424-429

Evaluation of the autonomic nervous system function in children with primary monosymptomatic nocturnal enuresis: Power spectrum analysis of heart rate variability using 24-hour Holter electrocardiograms. Scandinavian Journal of Urology & Nephrology 35(5): 350-356, October

Evaluation of the auxacolor system for biochemical identification of medically important yeasts. Journal of Clinical Microbiology 36(12): 3726-3727

Evaluation of the available air pollution control technologies for achievement of the MACT requirements in the newly implemented new source performance standards (NSPS) and emission guidelines (EG) for hospital and medical/infectious waste incinerators. Waste Management 18(6-8): 393-402

Evaluation of the axilla and current standards of pathological work-up. Breast 10(Supplement 3): 69-73, August

Evaluation of the bacterial flora of the prostate using a 16S rRNA gene based polymerase chain reaction. Journal of Urology 163(1): 127-130, Jan

Evaluation of the bacterial vaginal flora of 20 postmenopausal women by direct (Nugent score) and molecular (polymerase chain reaction and denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis) techniques. Journal of Infectious Diseases 186(12): 1770-1780

Evaluation of the Bactericidal Activity on Oral Organisms of the Nd-YAP Laser In Vitro. Lasers in Medical Science 13(4): 288-292

Evaluation of the bactericidal effect of five products for surgical hand disinfection according to prEN 12054 and prEN 12791. Journal of Hospital Infection 54(1): 63-67, May

Evaluation of the bactericidal efficiency of a 2% alkaline glutaraldehyde solution on Mycobacterium xenopi. Journal of Hospital Infection 46(1): 73-76

Evaluation of the barostat for recordings of gastrointestinal motility. Digestion 66(4): 213-221

Evaluation of the basic costs of different techniques of preparation of bovine teasers, Brazil. Revista Brasileira de Reproducao Animal 24(2): 90-100, Abr -Jun

Evaluation of the benchmark dose method for dichotomous data: Model dependence and model selection. Regulatory Toxicology & Pharmacology 36(2): 184-197, October

Evaluation of the benefits and risks of low-dose aspirin in the secondary prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events. Archives of Internal Medicine 162(19): 2197-2202

Evaluation of the bias in using the time to the first event when the inter-event intervals have a Weibull distribution. Statistics in Medicine 18(2): 139-154, Jan 30

Evaluation of the binding between potential anti-HIV DNA-based drugs and viral envelope glycoprotein gp120 by capillary electrophoresis with laser-induced fluorescence detection. Analytical Biochemistry 284(2): 334-341

Evaluation of the binding characteristics of (5-11C-methoxy)Donepezil in the rat brain for in vivo visualization of acetylcholinesterase. Journal of Pharmacological Sciences 91(2): 105-112

Evaluation of the bioavailability and dose proportionality of three formulations of a combination estrogen and progestin adhesive-based matrix transdermal delivery system. Current Therapeutic Research 59(10): 681-691, Oct

Evaluation of the biocompatibility of a chitosan scaffold in mice. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research 59(3): 585-590, March 5

Evaluation of the biocompatibility of an in vitro test using a Poly2methoxyethylacrylate coated oxygenator. Japanese Journal of Artificial Organs 29(1): 73-79

Evaluation of the biocontrol activity of Pseudomonas fluorescens, Streptomyces coelicolor y Trichoderma hamatum through their individual and/or combined use for the control of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. dianthi. Fitopatologia Colombiana 22(1-2): 88-93, June

Evaluation of the biodegradation of starch and cellulose under controlled composting conditions. Journal of Environmental Polymer Degradation 6(4): 197-202, Oct

Evaluation of the bioequivalence and pharmacokinetics of two tablet formulations of isosorbide-5-mononitrate after single oral administration in healthy volunteers. Arzneimittel-Forschung 52(3): 182-186

Evaluation of the bioequivalence of highly-variable drugs and drug products. Pharmaceutical Research (New York) 18(6): 728-733, June

Evaluation of the bioequivalence of tablets and capsules containing the novel anticancer agent R115777 (Zarnestra) in patients with advanced solid tumors. European Journal of Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics 27(1): 61-65

Evaluation of the biological activity of crude extracts from plants used in Yucatecan traditional medicine. Part II. DNA-interacting activity. Phytomedicine 8(3): 236-239

Evaluation of the blood coagulation mechanism and platelet aggregation in individuals with mechanical or biological heart prostheses. Blood Coagulation & Fibrinolysis 13(2): 129-134

Evaluation of the blood pressure load in the diagnosis of hypertension in pregnancy. Hypertension 38(3 Pt 2): 723-729

Evaluation of the blue formazan spot test for screening glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency. International Journal of Hematology 69(4): 234-236

Evaluation of the body composition and fat distribution in long-term users of hormone replacement therapy. Gynecologic and Obstetric Investigation 48(1): 52-55

Evaluation of the bony pelvis in classic bladder exstrophy by using 3D-CT: Further insights. Urology 58(6): 1030-1035, December

Evaluation of the buccal component of systemic absorption with inhaled fluticasone propionate. Thorax 54(7): 614-617

Evaluation of the c-Met immunostain to detect malignant cells in body cavity effusions. Oncology Reports 8(6): 1347-1350

Evaluation of the calcium-sensing receptor gene in idiopathic hypercalciuria and calcium nephrolithiasis. Kidney International 58(1): 38-42

Evaluation of the Candigen enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for quantitative detection of Candida species antigen. Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine 125(3): 344-346

Evaluation of the cannabinoid CB2 receptor-selective antagonist, SR144528: Further evidence for cannabinoid CB2 receptor absence in the rat central nervous system. European Journal of Pharmacology 377(1): 117-125, July 14

Evaluation of the capacity of sunscreens to photoprotect lupus erythematosus patients by employing the photoprovocation test. Photodermatology Photoimmunology & Photomedicine 16(6): 256-259, December

Evaluation of the capacity of the SCGE assay to assess the genotoxicity of biomaterials. Biomaterials 22(13): 1795-1801, July

Evaluation of the carbon 13-labeled ketoisocaproate breath test to assess mitochondrial dysfunction in patients with high alcohol consumption. Alcoholism Clinical & Experimental Research 22(8): 1792-1795, Nov

Evaluation of the carbon dioxide laser on vital human primary pulp tissue. Pediatric Dentistry 21(6): 327-331

Evaluation of the carcinogenic potential of insulin glargine (LANTUS) in rats and mice. International Journal of Toxicology 21(3): 171-179

Evaluation of the carcinogenic risks to humans associated with surgical implants and other foreign bodies-a report of an IARC Monographs Programme Meeting. European Journal of Cancer 36(3): 307-313, Feb

Evaluation of the carcinogenicity of 1,1-dichloroethylene (vinylidene chloride). Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology 35(1): 44-55

Evaluation of the cardiorespiratory monitor SpiroGuard C for infants. Wiener Klinische Wochenschrift 112(5): 226-233, March 10

Evaluation of the care provided by the outpatient clinic of the League of Combat Against STD/AIDS, Health Center, S.P., 1994-1997. Medicina (Ribeirao Preto) 32(3): 326-334, Julho-Setembro

Evaluation of the carrier potential for the lipid dispersion system with lipophilic compound. Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin 26(7): 994-999

Evaluation of the catalytic activity of lipases immobilized on chrysotile for esterification. Anais Da Academia Brasileira de Ciencias 75(2): 157-162

Evaluation of the cellular uptake of hexitol nucleic acids in HeLa cells. Die Pharmazie 55(8): 615-617

Evaluation of the centrifuged and Gram-stained smear, urinalysis, and reagent strip testing to detect asymptomatic bacteriuria in obstetric patients. American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology 182(5): 1076-1079, May

Evaluation of the cerebral hemodynamic response to rhythmic handgrip. Journal of Applied Physiology 88(6): 2205-2213

Evaluation of the cervical cytobrush sampling technique for the preparation of CD45+ mononuclear cells from the human cervix. Journal of Immunological Methods 258(1-2): 37-46, 1 December

Evaluation of the cervical spine in the polytrauma patient. Spine 25(22): 2884-91; Discussion 2892

Evaluation of the characteristics of a slow-scan CCD camera for a transmission electron microscope. Journal of Electron Microscopy 48(3): 257-260

Evaluation of the chemiluminescence test for predicting the severity of haemolytic disease of the fetus. Acta Haematologica Polonica 29(3): 375-380

Evaluation of the chemopreventive potential of retinoids using a novel in vitro human prostate carcinogenesis model. Mutation Research 496(1-2): 153-161, 20 September

Evaluation of the chemosensitivity of head and neck cancer cells based on the diverse function of mutated-p53. International Journal of Oncology 22(2): 383-389

Evaluation of the cholesterol influence in type II collagen-induced arthritis in DBA/1J mice: An autoradiographic study. Journal of Cellular & Molecular Medicine 6(3): 407-414, July-September

Evaluation of the cholinomimetic actions of trimethylsulfonium, a compound present in the midgut gland of the sea hare Aplysia brasiliana (Gastropoda, Opisthobranchia). Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research 35(4): 485-491

Evaluation of the chosen ecological factors of the thermophilous oak forests with Quercus pubescens agg. in the male Karpaty Mountains, Slovakia. Ekologia (Bratislava) 20(3): 319-328

Evaluation of the chronic toxicity and oncogenicity of N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide (DEET). Toxicological Sciences 47(1): 99-109

Evaluation of the circadian profile of peripheral plasma galanin concentrations in normal subjects. Life Sciences 70(22): 2657-2664, April 19

Evaluation of the circadian profiles of serum dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), cortisol, and cortisol/DHEA molar ratio after a single oral administration of DHEA in elderly subjects. Metabolism Clinical and Experimental 49(4): 548-551

Evaluation of the circulation in the retina, peripapillary choroid and optic disk in normal-tension glaucoma. Ophthalmic Research 32(2-3): 79-86

Evaluation of the clastogenic, DNA intercalative, and topoisomerase II-interactive properties of bioflavonoids in Chinese hamster V79 cells. Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis 40(4): 266-276

Evaluation of the clearance characteristics of bioadhesive systems in humans. International Journal of Pharmaceutics (Amsterdam) 178(1): 55-65, Feb 1

Evaluation of the Clearview Clostridium difficile Toxin A Test and various selective culture media in comparison with the cytotoxin assay for the diagnosis of Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhoea. Pathology 35(3): 244-247

Evaluation of the clinical and economic impact of a brand name-to-generic warfarin sodium conversion program. Pharmacotherapy 23(3): 360-368, March

Evaluation of the clinical and histologic features of renal allograft rejection in cats . Veterinary Surgery 31(1): 49-56, January-February

Evaluation of the clinical and laboratory findings of the patients with Leptospirosis. Mikrobiyoloji Bulteni 32(4): 273-283, Oct

Evaluation of the clinical association between exfoliation syndrome and abdominal aortic aneurysm. Acta Ophthalmologica Scandinavica 80(6): 617-619, December

Evaluation of the clinical chemistry analyser Olympus AU400. Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine 38(10): 1043-1049

Evaluation of the clinical course of acute attacks in patients with ulcerative colitis through the use of an activity index. Journal of Gastroenterology 37(1): 29-34, January

Evaluation of the clinical efficacy of embryo cryopreservation. Molecular & Cellular Endocrinology 169(1-2): 85-89, November 27

Evaluation of the clinical microbiology profile of moxifloxacin. Clinical Infectious Diseases 32 Suppl 1: S51-S63

Evaluation of the clinical performance of equimolar- and skewed-response total prostate-specific antigen assays versus complexed and free PSA assays and their ratios in discriminating between benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostate cancer. Clinica Chimica Acta 326(1-2): 81-95, December

Evaluation of the clinical relevance of the expression and function of P-glycoprotein, multidrug resistance protein and lung resistance protein in patients with primary acute myelogenous leukemia. Leukemia Research 26(2): 143-154, February

Evaluation of the clinical relevance of the iceA1 gene in patients with Helicobacter pylori infection in Japan. Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology 35(1): 36-39, Jan

Evaluation of the clinical usefulness of C. difficile toxin testing in hospitalized patients with diarrhea. Diagnostic Microbiology & Infectious Disease 36(3): 169-173, March

Evaluation of the clinical usefulness of COBAS AMPLICOR HCV MONITOR assay (ver2.0): Comparison with AMPLICOR HCV MONITOR assay (ver1.0) and HCV core protein level. Journal of Medical Virology 68(3): 343-351

Evaluation of the clinical utility of a rapid blood test for human leptospirosis. Diagnostic Microbiology & Infectious Disease 42(4): 221-225, April

Evaluation of the clinical utility of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) indices of inflammatory markers in multiple sclerosis. Acta Neurologica Scandinavica 101(4): 239-243

Evaluation of the clinical value of urinary NMP22 as a marker in the screening and surveillance of transitional cell carcinoma of the urinary bladder. European Urology 40(4): 415-20; Discussion 421

Evaluation of the clonal relationship between primary and metastatic renal cell carcinoma by comparative genomic hybridization. American Journal of Pathology 155(1): 267-274

Evaluation of the clonality of multilobar bronchioloalveolar carcinoma of the lung: case report. American Journal of Clinical Oncology 25(3): 291-295

Evaluation of the cohort size in phase I dose escalation trials based on laboratory data. Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 43(5): 470-476

Evaluation of the colonic content microenvironment in patients with chronic pancreatitis. Vestnik Rossiiskoi Akademii Meditsinskikh Nauk (4): 20-23

Evaluation of the colorimetric tetrazolium assay for the cytoto testing a commercial vanilla flavouring. Mitteilungen aus Lebensmitteluntersuchung und Hygiene 93(2): 154-161

Evaluation of the colour stability of enocyanines. Journal International des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin 32(3): 153-161, July-Sept

Evaluation of the combination of multiple subpial transection and other techniques for treatment of intractable epilepsy. Chinese Medical Journal 116(7): 1004-1007

Evaluation of the combination of nelarabine and fludarabine in leukemias: clinical response, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics in leukemia cells. Journal of Clinical Oncology 19(8): 2142-2152

Evaluation of the combined effect of pranlukast during high-dose steroid inhalation. Arzneimittel-Forschung 52(11): 813-816

Evaluation of the components of insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-IGF binding protein (IGFBP) system in adolescents with type 1 diabetes and persistent microalbuminuria: relationship with increased urinary excretion of IGFBP-3 18 kD N-terminal fragment. Clinical Endocrinology 51(5): 587-596

Evaluation of the components of the chylomicron remnant removal mechanism by use of the isolated perfused mouse liver. Journal of Lipid Research 40(10): 1899-1910

Evaluation of the conformational propensities of peptide isosteres as a basis for selecting bioactive pseudopeptides. Journal of Peptide Research 58(6): 546-561, December

Evaluation of the conjunctiva of leprosy patients using impression cytology. Nippon Ganka Gakkai Zasshi 105(6): 406-410, June

Evaluation of the consensus of the national asthma treatment guidelines in Taiwan. Acta Paediatrica Taiwanica 43(3): 140-143

Evaluation of the conservation status of a rare cactus (Mammillaria crucigera) through the analysis of its population dynamics. Journal of Arid Environments 51(1): 89-102

Evaluation of the contamination degree of roe-deer with cadmium and polychlorinated biphenyls in Warmia and Mazury district. Polish Journal of Veterinary Sciences 6(2): 93-97

Evaluation of the contamination of marine algae (Seaweed) from the St. Lawrence River and likely to be consumed by humans. Environmental Research 80(2 Pt 2): S175-S182

Evaluation of the content of mineral elements available to plants in soil. Agrokhimiya (3): 15-22, March

Evaluation of the contralateral breast in patients with ipsilateral breast carcinoma: the role of mammography. Singapore Medical Journal 43(5): 229-233

Evaluation of the contribution of cytochrome P450 3A4 to human liver microsomal bupropion hydroxylation. Drug Metabolism and Disposition: the Biological Fate of Chemicals 29(8): 1123-1129

Evaluation of the contribution of environmental factors. Genetic Epidemiology 17 Suppl 1: S533-S538

Evaluation of the contribution of isolation precautions in prevention and control of multi-resistant bacteria in a teaching hospital. Journal of Hospital Infection 47(2): 116-124

Evaluation of the contribution of platelets to clot strength by thromboelastography in rabbits: the role of tissue factor and cytochalasin D. Anesthesia and Analgesia 91(1): 35-39

Evaluation of the controlled group education for adult patients with bronchial asthma. Medical Journal of Kagoshima University 50(3): 101-111, Nov

Evaluation of the corneal endothelium in rabbits treated with subconjunctival Ganciclovir (DHPG). Medicina (Ribeirao Preto) 32(Suplemento 2): 76-78

Evaluation of the correlation between serum tumor necrosis factor-alpha and relative body mass index (RBMI) in childhood. Journal of Pediatric Endocrinology & Metabolism 14(5): 543-547

Evaluation of the cost-effectiveness of Helicobacter pylori eradication triple therapy vs. conventional therapy for ulcers in Japan. Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics 15(11): 1777-1785, November

Evaluation of the counterimmunoelectrophoresis reaction as a serodiagnosis test for swine leptospirosis. Brazilian Journal of Microbiology 32(2): 147-152, April-June

Evaluation of the cross reacting leptospiral serovars by MAT, ELISA and MSAT in rabbit hyper immune sera. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 73(9): 957-959, September

Evaluation of the cuff-leak test in a cardiac surgery population. Chest 116(4): 1029-1031

Evaluation of the culprit plaque and the physiological significance of coronary atherosclerotic narrowings. Circulation 103(25): 3142-3149

Evaluation of the cultural significance of wild food botanicals traditionally consumed in Northwestern Tuscany, Italy. Journal of Ethnobiology 21(1): 89-104, Summer

Evaluation of the cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p21Cip1 in epithelial ovarian tumors of low malignant potential and adenocarcinomas. Histology and Histopathology 18(3): 761-770

Evaluation of the cytogenetic damage and progenitor cell survival in foetal liver of mice exposed to gamma radiation during the early foetal period. International Journal of Radiation Biology 76(3): 413-417, March

Evaluation of the cytogenetic damage induced by the antihypertensive drug nimodipine in human lymphocytes. Mutagenesis 16(4): 345-351

Evaluation of the cytokines interleukin 8 and epithelial neutrophil activating peptide 78 as indicators of inflammation in prostatic secretions. Urology 56(6): 1025-1029, December

Evaluation of the Cytotoxic Activity of Chiral (E)-13-Hydroxy-10-oxo-11-octadecenoic Acid and Its Lactone. Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry 62(9): 1771-1773

Evaluation of the cytotoxic and mutagenic potentiality of technetium-99m in Escherichia coli. Cellular & Molecular Biology (Noisy-Le-Grand) 48(7): 783-787, November

Evaluation of the cytotoxic effects of bis-quaternary ammonium antimicrobial reagents on human cells. Toxicology In Vitro 14(2): 139-147, April

Evaluation of the cytotoxicity effect of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) on Caco2/TC7 colon tumor cell cultures. Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin 25(12): 1600-1603

Evaluation of the cytotoxicity of polyetherurethane (PU) film containing zinc diethyldithiocarbamate (ZDEC) on various cell lines. Yonsei Medical Journal 43(4): 518-526

Evaluation of the cytotoxicity of selected systemic and intravitreally dosed drugs in the cultures of human retinal pigment epithelial cell line and of pig primary retinal pigment epithelial cells. Toxicology In Vitro 16(2): 193-200, April

Evaluation of the database on mutant frequencies and DNA sequence alterations of vermilion mutations induced in germ cells of Drosophila shows the importance of a neutral mutation detection system. Mutation Research 431(1): 39-57, Dec 16

Evaluation of the de-selection of men who have had sex with men from blood donation in England. Vox Sanguinis 84(4): 265-273, May

Evaluation of the degree of cross-linking in UV irradiated porcine valves. Yonsei Medical Journal 40(2): 159-165

Evaluation of the degree of safety of Beauveria bassiana fungus used for biological control of pest insects. Actualidades Biologicas (Medellin) 22(72): 17-27, Enero-Junio

Evaluation of the degree of speciation in Plebejus argus corsicus (Bellier, 1862) based on the study of pre-imaginal stages (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae). Linneana Belgica 17(3): 87-100

Evaluation of the degrees of accuracy of two immunoassays, EMIT d.a.u. and Triage, for detection of benzodiazepines in urine. Research and Practice in Forensic Medicine (43): 69-73

Evaluation of the dementia carers situation in Russia. International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry 16(1): 94-99, January

Evaluation of the denitrifying microbiota of anoxic reactors. FEMS Microbiology Ecology 35(3): 259-265, May

Evaluation of the dentogingival area during early plaque formation. Journal of Periodontology 72(7): 901-910

Evaluation of the dermal absorption of aqueous toluene in F344 rats using real-time breath analysis and physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling. Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health. Part A 65(24): 2087-2100

Evaluation of the dermal bioavailability of aqueous xylene in F344 rats and human volunteers. Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health. Part A 66(13): 1267-1281

Evaluation of the dermal subchronic toxicity of diphenyl ether in the rat. Food & Chemical Toxicology 41(2): 259-264, February

Evaluation of the desferrithiocin pharmacophore as a vector for hydroxamates. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 42(15): 2881-2886

Evaluation of the detectability of breast cancer lesions using a modified anthropomorphic phantom. Journal of Nuclear Medicine 39(11): 1951-1957

Evaluation of the developing human visual system using flash-visual evoked potential. No to Hattatsu. Brain and Development 34(2): 141-146

Evaluation of the developmental toxicities of ethanol, acetaldehyde, and thioacetamide using FETAX. Drug and Chemical Toxicology 26(1): 23-34

Evaluation of the developmental toxicity of 60 Hz magnetic fields and harmonic frequencies in Sprague-Dawley rats. Radiation Research 153(5 Pt 2): 637-641

Evaluation of the developmental toxicity of formamide in Sprague-Dawley (CD) rats. Toxicological Sciences 57(2): 284-291

Evaluation of the developmental toxicity of isoeugenol in Sprague-Dawley (CD) rats. Toxicological Sciences 60(1): 112-120

Evaluation of the developmental toxicity of potassium dichromate using whole embryo culture of mouse and rat embryos. Zhongguo Yaolixue Yu Dulixue Zazhi 13(4): 306-309, Nov

Evaluation of the developmental toxicity of thalidomide using Frog Embryo Teratogenesis Assay-Xenopus (FETAX): Biotransformation and detoxification. Teratogenesis Carcinogenesis and Mutagenesis 20(1): 35-47

Evaluation of the diagnosis of normal fetal lip and cleftlip with three-dimensional ultrasonography and comparison with conventional two-dimensional ultrasonography. Zhongguo Chaosheng Yixue Zazhi 17(3): 218-220

Evaluation of the diagnostic accuracy of the stop codon (SC) assay for identifying protein-truncating mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes in familial breast cancer . Journal of Human Genetics 48(3): 130-137

Evaluation of the diagnostic efficiency of a test system for detection of hepatitis C virus RNA by the AmpliSensTM HCV-240/BKO-440 polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Voprosy Virusologii 47(5): 12-16

Evaluation of the diagnostic efficiency of the Vitros colorimetric method in salicylate determination. Giornale Italiano di Chimica Clinica 22(0): 7-12, Jan -Dec

Evaluation of the diagnostic system AuBioDOT anti-HIV 1/2. Biotecnologia Aplicada 15(3): 180-182, July-Sept

Evaluation of the diagnostic workup in young women referred for recurrent lower urinary tract infections. Urology 57(6): 1068-1072, June

Evaluation of the diastolic function of the right ventricle in asthmatic children with Doppler ultrasound. Zhongguo Chaosheng Yixue Zazhi 15(1): 44-45

Evaluation of the different doses of olprinone for continuous infusion after cardiopulmonary bypass for coronary artery bypass surgery. Masui. Japanese Journal of Anesthesiology 52(6): 621-625

Evaluation of the different levels of variability in the underwater light field of a shallow estuary. Helgoland Marine Research 55(1): 12-22

Evaluation of the diffusive gradient in a thin film technique for monitoring trace metal concentrations in estuarine waters. Environmental Science & Technology 37(12): 2794-2800, June 15

Evaluation of the digital rectal examination as a screening test for prostate cancer. Journal of the National Cancer Institute (Bethesda) 90(23): 1817-1823, Dec 2

Evaluation of the discriminative stimulus effects of the low-affinity N-methyl-D-aspartate channel blockers AR-R 13950AA and AR-R 16283AA in rats and rhesus monkeys. Behavioural Pharmacology 13(7): 571-581

Evaluation of the discriminatory power of typing methods for Neisseria gonorrhoeae. Journal of Clinical Microbiology 37(7): 2183-2188

Evaluation of the discriminatory powers of the Dienes test and ribotyping as typing methods for Proteus mirabilis. Journal of Clinical Microbiology 38(3): 1077-1080

Evaluation of the disintegration time of rapidly disintegrating tablets via a novel method utilizing a CCD camera. Chemical & Pharmaceutical Bulletin 50(9): 1181-1186

Evaluation of the distribution of deaths occurred at Cerrahpasa Medical School in the year 1998. Cerrahpasa Tip Dergisi 31(1): 16-22, Jan -March

Evaluation of the distribution of mercury in lakes in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland (Canada). Water Air and Soil Pollution 117(1-4): 353-369

Evaluation of the dizzy patient: experience from a multidisciplinary neurotology clinic. Journal of Laryngology and Otology 113(1): 19-23

Evaluation of the dose uniformity for double-plane high dose rate interstitial breast implants with the use of dose reference points and dose non-uniformity ratio. Radiotherapy & Oncology 54(3): 213-220, March

Evaluation of the dose-response relationship for intra-nasal oxymetazoline hydrochloride in normal adults. European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 55(7): 509-513, Sept

Evaluation of the dosimetric consequences of adding a single asymmetric or MLC shaped field to a tangential breast radiotherapy technique. Radiotherapy & Oncology 67(2): 165-170, May

Evaluation of the duration of human factor VIII expression in nonhuman primates after systemic delivery of an adenoviral vector. Human Gene Therapy 13(11): 1331-1336

Evaluation of the ecdysteroid agonist RH-0345 in mealworms: Analysis of ovarian proteins and structure of follicle. Mededelingen Faculteit Landbouwkundige en Toegepaste Biologische Wetenschappen Universiteit Gent 64(3a): 279-285

Evaluation of the effect of 90Sr beta-radiation on human blood cells by chromosome aberration and single cell gel electrophoresis (comet assay) analysis. Mutation Research 476(1-2): 109-121

Evaluation of the effect of CDFI in the abdominal and pelvic tumors treated by HIFU. Fudan Xuebao (Yixuekexueban) 30(2): 139-142, Mar

Evaluation of the effect of a cervical cap device on sperm functional characteristics in vitro. Andrologia 33(4): 207-213, July

Evaluation of the effect of a cover layer on radon exhalation from uranium mill tailings: transient radon flux analysis. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 63(1): 49-64

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