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Increased hyaluronidase expression in more aggressive prostate adenocarcinoma

, : Increased hyaluronidase expression in more aggressive prostate adenocarcinoma. Oncology Reports 6(6): 1431-1433

Tumor metastasis involves a complex sequence of cellular and biochemical events of which tumor cell penetration through the basement membrane is an essential component. Disruption of basement membrane integrity by hyaluronidase has been implicated in the development of locally advanced and metastatic carcinoma. This investigation correlates hyaluronidase expression with pathologic prognostic variables for prostate adenocarcinoma. Paraffin samples (n=9) of patients receiving prostatectomies for clinical stage B adenocarcinoma were evaluated. RT-PCR was utilized to detect the presence of hyaluronidase. These results were correlated with the histological assessment of each sample. Gleason score was significantly higher in patients with RT-PCR detectable hyaluronidase (mean +/- SD 7.25+/-1.8 versus 4.17+/-1.0; p<0.05). Histological evidence of perineural invasion was seen in 83% of the specimens with detectable hyaluronidase, whereas none was found in hyaluronidase negative samples (p<0.05). A trend was seen between hyaluronidase and capsular invasion with 33% hyaluronidase positive tumor exhibiting evidence of capsular invasion, while no evidence in the hyaluronidase negative tumor. These data suggest that hyaluronidase may be involved in prostate adenocarcinoma progression and metastasis.


PMID: 10523725

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