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Increased variation in mtDNA in patients with familial sensorineural hearing impairment

, : Increased variation in mtDNA in patients with familial sensorineural hearing impairment. Human Genetics 113(3): 220-227

Analyses of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) sequences have revealed non-neutral patterns, suggesting that many amino acid mutations in animal mtDNA may be mildly deleterious, but this has not been verified in human clinical series. Since sensorineural hearing impairment (SNHI) is a common manifestation in many of the syndromes caused by mutations in mtDNA, this may be regarded as the phenotype of choice in attempts to detect mutations that may have a mildly deleterious effect on mitochondrial function. We selected 32 subjects from among 117 unrelated SNHI patients with SNHI in maternal relatives by means of family history, determined the entire coding region sequence of mtDNA and compared the sequence variation with that in 32 haplogroup-matched controls taken at random from 192 Finnish sequences. The 32 control sequences differed from the remaining 160 sequences by 36+/-9 substitutions (mean +/- SD), while the difference for the 32 patients was 58+/-4 substitutions ( P=0.005 for difference; Wilcoxon signed rank test). Differences were also found in the number of new haplotypes and new non-synonymous mutations or mutations in tRNA or rRNA genes. A total of 12 rare mtDNA variants were detected in the patients, and only 3 of these were considered to be neutral in effect. It is proposed that increased sequence variation in mtDNA may be a genetic risk factor for SNHI, and the increased frequency of rare haplotypes in these patients points to the presence of mildly deleterious mutations in mtDNA.


PMID: 12802679

DOI: 10.1007/s00439-003-0966-9

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