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Methanation of carbon dioxide on Ni/(Zr-Sm)Ox catalysts

, : Methanation of carbon dioxide on Ni/(Zr-Sm)Ox catalysts. Applied Organometallic Chemistry 14(12): 803-808

Ni/ZrO2 and Ni/(Zr0.9Sm0.1)0.95 catalysts were prepared by wet impregnation, and their catalytic activities for methanation of carbon dioxide were compared with the highly active catalysts prepared from amorphous nickel-zirconium-samarium alloys. The Ni(Zr0.9Sm0.1)O1.95 catalyst showed higher activity for methanation of carbon dioxide than the samarium-free Ni/ZrO2 catalyst with the same nickel content. The higher activity of the samarium-containing catalyst is associated with the formation of the (Zr-Sm)Ox oxide with a tetragonal ZrO2 structure, similar to the Ni/(Zr-Sm)Ox catalysts prepared from the amorphous nickel-zirconium-samarium alloys. An increase in the nickel content from 30 to 60 mol% in cationic percentage results in a decrease in the activity, mainly because of a decrease in the surface area of the catalysts, although the activity of the catalysts prepared from amorphous nickel-zirconium-samarium alloys increases with the nickel content. Further, it was found that the activities of the Ni/(Zr-Sm)Ox catalysts prepared from the amorphous nickel-zirconium-samarium alloys are higher than those prepared by wet impregnation. Uniform dispersion of nickel in the catalysts prepared from amorphous single-phase alloys should be one of the reasons for the extremely high activity of the catalysts.


DOI: 10.1002/1099-0739(200012)14:12<803::aid-aoc89>;2-j

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