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Molecular basis for the synergistic interaction of adriamycin with the formaldehyde-releasing prodrug pivaloyloxymethyl butyrate (AN-9)

, : Molecular basis for the synergistic interaction of adriamycin with the formaldehyde-releasing prodrug pivaloyloxymethyl butyrate (AN-9). Cancer Research 61(22): 8194-8202

The interaction of Adriamycin and pivaloyloxymethyl butyrate (AN-9) was investigated in IMR-32 neuroblastoma and MCF-7 breast adenocarcinoma cells. Adriamycin is a widely used anticancer drug, whereas AN-9 is an anticancer agent presently undergoing Phase II clinical trials. The anticancer activity of AN-9 has been attributed to its ability to act as a butyric acid prodrug, although it also releases formaldehyde and pivalic acid.


PMID: 11719450

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