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Multiple gammac-receptor expression in adult T-cell leukemia

, : Multiple gammac-receptor expression in adult T-cell leukemia. European Journal of Haematology 68(6): 362-369

Constitutive expression of the IL-2 receptor (IL-2R) on adult T-cell leukemia (ATL) cells and the presence of permanent IL-2-dependent ATL cell lines indicate that the signal transduction system via IL-2R is a key element for the development of this disease. IL-2R is a member of the common gamma-chain (gammac)-receptor family and shares gamma with IL-4R, IL-7R, IL-9R, and IL-15R. In addition to IL-2R, ATL cells express IL-15R and respond to IL-15. In the present study, we examined other members of this receptor family. ATL cells showed various levels of IL-4Ralpha (CD124) and IL-7Ralpha (CD127) expression, and responded to these cytokines. In contrast, ATL cells hardly responded to IL-9. As primary samples were a mixed population and the results may have been modified by contaminating normal cells, we used ATL cell lines as pure ATL cell populations. Here, we report that IL-2-dependent ATL cell lines also express IL-4Ralpha and respond to IL-4, which was verified by the activation of cytoplasmic transcriptional activator Stat6 protein. Moreover, a novel ATL cell line that grows stably in an IL-7-dependent manner was established from one of the cell lines, and IL-7 induced Stat5 activation in this cell line. These results indicated that ATL cells have the potential to express all gammac-receptors except IL-9R. Overlapping and switching of cytokine receptors supported the idea that ATL cells can rapidly select the appropriate gammac-receptor according to conditions.


PMID: 12225394

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