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New parasitic wasps from Baltic amber (Insecta: Hymenoptera: Dryinidae)

, : New parasitic wasps from Baltic amber (Insecta: Hymenoptera: Dryinidae). Stuttgarter Beitraege zur Naturkunde Serie B (Geologie und Palaeontologie) (306): 1-58

Four new species of the parasitic wasp family Dryinidae, Dryinus reifi n. sp., Dryinus muenchi n. sp., Dryinus wunderlichi n. sp., and Palaeodryinus groehni n. gen. n. sp., are described from Baltic amber. These new species belong to the widespread and diverse subfamily Dryininae. A neotype is designated for Harpactosphecion gracile (Brues, 1933b) comb. nov. which was originally described in the extant genus Thaumatodryinus and is here transferred to the fossil genus Harpactosphecion within Dryininae, just like Harpactosphecion? deletum (Brues, 1933b) comb. nov. The spelling of the names of the species here attributed to the genus Harpactosphecion is changed to gracile, deletum, filicorne, and sucinum in accordance with Art. 30 IRZN. New specimens of Dryinus bruesi (Olmi, 1984), Dryinus janzeni Olmi, 1999b, Harpactosphecion filicorne (Brues, 1923), and Palaeoanteon janzeni Olmi, 1999b are figured, and a new subfamily Palaeoantoninae n. subf. is established because of the new evidence. The fossil subfamily Laberitinae Olmi, 1989 is regarded as unavailable taxon since the type genus Laberites Ponomarenko, 1988 is not available either. Updated keys to the subfamilies of Dryinidae, the genera of Dryininae, and all dryinid species from Baltic amber are provided, as well as an annotated catalogue of all fossil Dryinidae.


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