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Unsaponifiable fraction and n-alkane profile of subcutaneous fat from Iberian ham

, : Unsaponifiable fraction and n-alkane profile of subcutaneous fat from Iberian ham. Food Science & Technology International 5(3): 229-233, June

The unsaponifiable fraction of subcutaneous fat of dry-cured Iberian hams from pigs fed on different systems during the finishing-fattening period and its feasibility as a method for classifying the hams according to the pigs' feeding background are studied. Unsaponifiable fraction and n-alkane content of subcutaneous fat from ten dry cured hams from Iberian X Duroc pigs raised on two different management systems (Montanera, fed extensively on acorns and pasture, and Pienso, fed on a concentrate diet) are analyzed. The proportion of unsaponifiable material and n-alkanes (pentadecane (n-C15), heptadecane (n-C17), octadecane (n-C18), nonadecane (n-C19), eicosane (n-C20) and pentacosane (n-C25)) were higher (P < 0.05) in hams from pigs raised under extensive conditions than in those from pigs receiving concentrate feeds. The unsaponifiable fraction assay of the fat from dry-cured Iberian hams is a promising technique for classifying hams based on the pigs' feeding background.


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