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Combined biotransformations of 4(20),11-taxadienes

, : Combined biotransformations of 4(20),11-taxadienes. Tetrahedron 61(23): 5507-5517

Taxuyunnanine C (1) and its analogs (2 and 3), the C-14 oxygenated 4(20), 11-taxadienes from callus Cultures of Taxus sp., were regio- and stereo-selectively hydroxylated at the 7 beta position by a fungus, Abisidia coerulea IFO 4011, and it was interesting that the longer the alkyl chain of the acyloxyl group at C-14 became, the higher the yield of 7 beta-hydroxylated product was.


DOI: 10.1016/j.tet.2005.03.136

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