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Daily ration and prey size of juvenile piscivore Japanese Spanish mackerel

, : Daily ration and prey size of juvenile piscivore Japanese Spanish mackerel. Journal of Fish Biology ober; 67(4): 1107-1118

Daily ration of juvenile Japanese Spanish mackerel Scomberomorus niphonius (32[center dot]1-33[center dot]1 mm standard lengths LS) was estimated at three temperatures (18[center dot]6, 19.5 and 21[center dot]2[degree] C) in the laboratory. Gastric evacuation rate ranged between 0[center dot]398 (18[center dot]6[degree] C) and 0[center dot]431 (21[center dot]2[degree] C). Diet change in instantaneous consumption rate indicated that juvenile Japanese Spanish mackerel are daylight feeders. The estimated values of the daily ration ranged between 66[center dot]1% (18[center dot]6[degree] C) and 82[center dot]6% (21[center dot]2[degree] C) of body mass. These per cent values of daily ration were converted to daily consumption in mg (28 mg at 18[center dot]6[degree] C to 34 mg at 21[center dot]2[degree] C) using the mean dry body mass of juvenile Japanese Spanish mackerel of 30 mm (42[center dot]1 mg). Stomach content analysis of wild specimens collected in the Seto Inland Sea, south-western Japan, revealed that the majority of wild Japanese Spanish mackerel larvae and juveniles ingested fish larvae with a body size >50% of the predator LS. Based on the predator-prey size relationship, the daily consumption of a Japanese Spanish mackerel juvenile of 30 mm was equivalent to 5[center dot]1 (18[center dot]6[degree] C) to 6[center dot]4 (21[center dot]2[degree] C) Japanese anchovy Engraidis japonicus larvae which was the dominant prey organism in stomachs of the wild Japanese Spanish mackerel. [copyright] 2005 The Fisheries Society of the British Isles.


DOI: 10.1111/j.0022-1112.2005.00813.x

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