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Dietary restriction: effects of short-term fasting on protein uptake and cell death/proliferation in the rat liver

, : Dietary restriction: effects of short-term fasting on protein uptake and cell death/proliferation in the rat liver. Mechanisms of Ageing and Development 125(5): 375-380

Dietary restriction (DR) is known to prolong life in laboratory animals. Intermittent (alternate-day) fasting or short-term repeated fasting has also been reported to increase the life span of animals. In the present study, we investigated the changes or induction of abnormalities of protein metabolism in rats during fasting, and measured asialoglycoprotein uptake and cell death/proliferation in the liver of rats receiving fasting and refeeding. In the results, liver weight decreased significantly after 48 h of fasting and increased during the refeeding period, returning to the pre-fasting level by 12 h of refeeding. Cell death, determined by single stranded DNA (ssDNA) staining method, increased during the fasting period, and returned to the pre-fasting level during the refeeding period. Cell proliferation, determined using antibodies (Ab) against proliferating cell nuclear antigen, decreased during the fasting period, and increased during the refeeding period. Changes in cell death and cell proliferation were inversely related. However, there was no significant difference in asialoglycoprotein uptake by the whole liver between the ad libitum (AL)-fed rats and 48 h fasted rats. Thus, neither the changes in liver weight not cell death/proliferation affected asialoglycoprotein uptake on a living body. These results suggest that episodes of 48 h fasting do not induce protein metabolism abnormalities in the liver.


PMID: 15130755

DOI: 10.1016/j.mad.2004.02.006

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