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Effects of chronic NaHCO3 ingestion during interval training on changes to muscle buffer capacity, metabolism, and short-term endurance performance

, : Effects of chronic NaHCO3 ingestion during interval training on changes to muscle buffer capacity, metabolism, and short-term endurance performance. Journal of Applied Physiology 101(3): 918-925

Effects of chronic NaHCO3 ingestion during interval training on changes to muscle buffer capacity, metabolism, and short-term endurance performance. J Appl Physiol 101: 918-925, 2006. First published April 20, 2006; doi:10.1152/japplphysiol.01534.2005.-This study determined the effects of altering the H+ concentration during interval training, by ingesting NaHCO3 (Alk-T) or a placebo (Pla-T), on changes in muscle buffer capacity (beta m), endurance performance, and muscle metabolites. Pre- and posttraining peak O-2 uptake (VO2 peak), lactate threshold (LT), and time to fatigue at 100% pretraining VO2 peak intensity were assessed in 16 recreationally active women. Subjects were matched on the LT, were randomly placed into the Alk-T (n = 8) or Pla-T (n = 8) groups, and performed 8 wk (3 days/wk) of six to twelve 2-min cycle intervals at 140-170% of their LT, ingesting NaHCO3 or a placebo before each training session ( work matched between groups). Both groups had improvements in beta m (19 vs. 9%; P < 0.05) and VO2 peak (22 vs. 17%; P < 0.05) after the training period, with no differences between groups. There was a significant correlation between pretraining beta m and percent change in beta m (r = -0.70, P < 0.05). There were greater improvements in both the LT (26 vs. 15%; P = 0.05) and time to fatigue (164 vs. 123%; P = 0.05) after Alk-T, compared with Pla-T. There were no changes to pre- or postexercise ATP, phosphocreatine, creatine, and intracellular lactate concentrations, or pH(i) after training. Our findings suggest that training intensity, rather than the accumulation of H+ during training, may be more important to improvements in beta m. The group ingesting NaHCO3 before each training session had larger improvements in the LT and endurance performance, possibly because of a reduced metabolic acidosis during training and a greater improvement in muscle oxidative capacity.


PMID: 16627675

DOI: 10.1152/japplphysiol.01534.2005

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