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Microlaparoscopy vs. conventional laparoscopy for the management of early-stage pelvic endometriosis: a comparison

, : Microlaparoscopy vs. conventional laparoscopy for the management of early-stage pelvic endometriosis: a comparison. Journal of Reproductive Medicine 50(10): 771-778

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of microlaparoscopy vs. conventional laparoscopy in the management of patients with early-stage pelvic endometriosis.STUDY DESIGN: In this prospective, randomized study we evaluated 54 patients with a clinical diagnosis of stage I and II pelvic endometriosis according to the classification of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, revised in 1996, The patients were divided into 3 groups and underwent, respectively, microlaparoscopy tinder sedation, microlaparoscopy under general anesthesia and conventional laparoscopy for definitive diagnosis and treatment of the disease.RESULTS: Microlaparoscopy caused less pain, required lower consumption of analgesics and permitted a faster return to daily activities. Sedation decreased the incidence of nausea, vomiting and oropharyngeal pain. Microlaparoscopy under sedation led to a shorter hospital stay and reduced cost.CONCLUSION: Microlaparoscopy tinder sedation is a viable alternative for the management of patients with suspected early-stage pelvic endometriosis.


PMID: 16320557

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