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Stability and comparative metabolism of selected felbamate metabolites and postulated fluorofelbamate metabolites by postmitochondrial suspensions

, : Stability and comparative metabolism of selected felbamate metabolites and postulated fluorofelbamate metabolites by postmitochondrial suspensions. Chemical Research in Toxicology 18(12): 1842-1848

Evidence has been presented suggesting that a reactive metabolite, 2-phenylpropenal (ATPAL), may be responsible for the toxicities observed during therapy with the antiepileptic drug felbamate (FBM). Formation of ATPAL from its unstable immediate precursor, 3-carbamoyl-2-phenylpropionaldedhyde (CBMA) requires the loss of the hydrogen atom at position 2 in the propane chain, and it has been postulated that substitution of this atom with fluorine would prevent the formation of ATPAL.


PMID: 16359174

DOI: 10.1021/tx050130r

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