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Revision of the Australian Coccinellidae (Coleoptera). Part 6. Tribe Chilocorini

, : Revision of the Australian Coccinellidae (Coleoptera). Part 6. Tribe Chilocorini. Annales Zoologici 56(2): 265-304

The Australian members of the coccinellid tribe Chilocorini are revised, keyed and illustrated. Chilocorini in Australia consists of 23 species classified in 6 genera: Brumoides, Chilocorus, Exochomus, Halmus, Orcus and Trichorcus. Five new species are described: Brumoides piae, Chilocorus maculatus, Chilocorus micrus, Halmus hilli and Halmus viridis. The following new synonyms are proposed: Chilocorus malasiae Crotch, 1874 (= Chilocorus australasiae Gadeau de Kerville, 1884; = Chilocorus baileyi Blackburn, 1890; = Chilocorus flavidus Blackburn, 1892b; = Chilocorus diadema Weise, 1898; = Chilocorus meijerei Weise, 1913; = Chilocorus nasicornis Korschefsky, 1944); Orcus coelestris Blackburn, 1891 (= Orcus ovalis Blackburn, 1892b; = Ovens splendens Blackburn, 1892b; = Orcus clypeatus Weise, 1923); Orcus citri Lea, 1902 (= Orcus coxalis Weise, 1917); Orcus cyanocephalus Mulsant, 1850 (= Oreus lecanii Blackburn, 1895; = Orcus purpureocinctus Lea, 1902); Orcus punctulatus Blackburn, 1892b (= O. beneficus Weise, 1913). Parapriasus Chapin, 1965 is also considered as a synonym of Orcus Mulsant, 1850. Lectotypes are designated for: Chilocorus australasiae Gadeau de Kerville, 1884; Ch. baileyi Blackburn, 1890; Ch. flavidus Blackburn, 1892b; Halmus cupripennis Weise, 1923; Ovens beneficus Weise, 1913; Orcus coelestris Blackburn, 1891; Orcus citri Lea, 1902; Orcus clypeatus Weise, 1923; Orcus coxalis Weise, 1917; Orcus evelynensis Weise, 1923; Orcus lecanii Blackburn, 1895; Orcus ovalis Blackburn, 1892b; Ovens punctulatus Blackburn, 1892b, Orcus purpureotinctus Lea, 1902; Orcus quadrimaculatus Gadeau de Kerville, 1884 and Orcus splendens Blackburn, 1892b.


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