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Expert committee recommendations for acne management

, : Expert committee recommendations for acne management. Pediatrics 118(3): 1188-1199

In 2003, an international committee of physicians and researchers in the field of acne, working together as the Global Alliance to Improve Outcomes in Acne, developed consensus guidelines for the treatment of acne. These guidelines were evidence based when possible but also included the extensive clinical experience of this group of international dermatologists. As a result of the evaluation of available data and the experience, significant changes occurred in the management routines for acne. The greatest change arose on the basis of improved understanding of acne pathophysiology. The recommendation now is that acne treatments should be combined to target as many pathogenic factors as dot A topical retinoid should be the foundation of treatment for most patients with acne, because retinoids target the microcomedo, the precursor to all acne lesions. Retinoids also are comedolytic and have intrinsic antiinflammatory effects, thus targeting 2 pathogenic factors in dot Combining a topical retinoid with an antimicrobial agent targets 3 pathogenic factors, and clinical trials have shown that comination therapy results in significantly faster and greater clearing as opposed to antimicrobial therapy dot Oral antibiotics should be used only in moderate-to-severe acne, should not be used as monotherapy, and should be discontinued as soon as possible (usually within 8-12 weeks).center dot Because of their effect on the microcomedo, topical retinoids also are recommended as an important facet of maintenance therapy.


PMID: 16951015

DOI: 10.1542/peds.2005-2022

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