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Effect of Slc26a6 deletion on apical Cl-/HCO3- exchanger activity and cAMP-stimulated bicarbonate secretion in pancreatic duct

, : Effect of Slc26a6 deletion on apical Cl-/HCO3- exchanger activity and cAMP-stimulated bicarbonate secretion in pancreatic duct. American Journal of Physiology. Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology 292(1): G447-G455

The role of Slc26a6 (PAT1) on apical Cl-/HCO3- exchange and bicarbonate secretion in pancreatic duct cells was investigated using Slc26a6 null and wild-type (WT) mice. Apical Cl-/HCO3- exchange activity was measured with the pH-sensitive dye BCECF in microperfused interlobular ducts. The HCO3(-)-influx mode of apical [Cl-]i/[HCO3-]o exchange (where brackets denote concentration and subscripts i and o denote intra- and extracellular, respectively) was dramatically upregulated in Slc26a6 null mice (P < 0.01 vs. WT), whereas the HCO3(-)-efflux mode of apical [Cl-]o/[HCO3-]i exchange was decreased in Slc26a6 null mice (P < 0.05 vs. WT), suggesting the unidirectionality of the Slc26a6-mediated HCO3- transport. Fluid secretory rate in interlobular ducts were comparable in WT and Slc26a6 null mice (P > 0.05). In addition, when pancreatic juice was collected from whole animal in basal and secretin-stimulated conditions, neither juice volume nor its pH showed differences between WT and Slc26a6 null mice. Semiquantitative RT-PCR demonstrated more than fivefold upregulation in Slc26a3 (DRA) expression in Slc26a6 knockout pancreas. In conclusion, these results point to the role of Slc26a6 in HCO3- efflux at the apical membrane and also suggest the presence of a robust Slc26a3 compensatory upregulation, which can replace the function of Slc26a6 in pancreatic ducts.


PMID: 16901991

DOI: 10.1152/ajpgi.00286.2006

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