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Introduction of ponderosa pine and Douglas-fir to Argentina

, : Introduction of ponderosa pine and Douglas-fir to Argentina. New forests 21(1): 35-44

Patterns of shoot elongation of 2-yr seedlings from native North American populations of ponderosa pine and Douglas-fir were compared to those of Argentine land races originating from unknown provenances. The comparisons were conducted in Moscow, Idaho (USA), and suggested that the ponderosa pine land race was descended from a California provenance at low or middle elevations but that the growth potential of the land race was only mediocre in comparison to eight native populations. The Douglas-fir land race exhibited a relatively high growth potential in comparison to 19 native provenances and undoubtedly originated from a mild coastal environment. The results provide concrete recommendations for upgrading the growth potential of the Argentine land races by importing germ plasm of specific provenances.


DOI: 10.1023/a:1010779906239

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